With your beginner career in SEO, before you plan to become an SEO specialist, just check if you are performing well in the following skillsets.

Do you have the essential On-Page techniques to help make your web pages more accessible to search engines and rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs)? Check if you have the following, basic on-page SEO techniques,

Linking to content within your own site (Internal Linking)Placing concise yet descriptive anchor text to help search engines better understand your content.Placing short headlines, titles, and title tagsXML SitemapAppropriate navigationPreventing and removing spam from the comments sections of your siteCreating good content for human readers and not search enginesProducing regular contentsProviding adequate content word length

The second set of basics skills that you should work out for a successful SEO is improving click-through rates. Just check if you have the following in your SEO strategy, to make your search results appear more appealing to searchers,

Meta Description

Authorship Schema Markup Images

The third set of skills that you should have mastered to become an SEO professional / SEO expert is the Off-Page SEO skills. As you would by now know that off-page SEO are methods you can use to raise the ranking of a website through off-site, promotional means. Just check if you have mastered the skills mentioned below.

Natural Link Building andAre your contents pushed through social media channels?

If you are going to nod your head in agreement to have gained all the above SEO and digital marketing skills then probably you can think of stepping up your career. Two main roles you can think of after being an SEO executive is,

SEO Account Manager / Director (agency) or SEO Manager (Client)Head of SEO (Agency) or SEO Director (Client)