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NIELIT CCC Exam August 2022 Practice Test Paper

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Q. In LibreOffice Writer, mail merge option is in which menu?

(A) Insert

(B) Format

(C) Tools

(D) Form

Ans: C

Q. What is the shortcut key of Manage template key in LibreOffice writer?

(A) Ctrl + T

(B) Ctrl + Shift + N

(C) Shift + N

(D) None of Above

Ans: B

Q. The shortcut key of formatting the cell is ……… in LibreOffice Calc?

(A) Ctrl + 1

(B) Ctrl + 2

(C) Ctrl + F2

(D) Ctrl + M

Ans: A

Q. What is the file name of inux Operating system?

(A) Vmlinux

(B) Vmlinuz

(C) Linuz

(D) None of Above

Ans: B

Q. Which programming language is used in Internet Explorer?

(A) C

(B) C++

(C) Java

(D) Python

Ans: B

Q. With what can we live stream videos?

(A) Using Twitter

(B) Using Amazon

(C) Using Facebook

(D) None of the Above

Ans: C

Q. What is full form of IP?

(A) Internet Protocol

(B) Internet Priority

(C) Internet Public

(D) Internet Property

Ans: A

Q. What is the shortcut command to increase the font in LibreOffice?

(A) Shift + ]

(B) Ctrl + ]

(C) Ctrl + Shift + ]

(D) Ctrl + Alt + ]

Ans: B

Q. Which year vacuum tube was invented?

(A) 1906

(B) 1965

(C) 1920

(D) 1956

Ans: A

Q. How many default headings are there in LibreOffice?

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) None of the these

Ans: C

Q. VDU is?

(A) Input

(B) Output


(D) Memory

Ans: B

Q. The full form of PGP

(A) Pretty good privacy

(B) Privacy good pretty

(C) Pretty good private

(D) None

Ans: A

Q. What is shortcut command is used for navigator?

(A) Ctrl + F5

(B) F6

(C) F5

(D) Alt + F5

Ans: C

Q. The shortcut key is used to hide the sidebar in LibreOffice?

(A) Ctrl + Shift + 4

(B) Ctrl + F5

(C) Shift + F5

(D) Alt + F5

Ans: B

Q. BPO means in globalization competition

(A) Business Process Outstanding

(B) Business Payment Outsourcing

(C) Business Process Outsourcing

(D) Buyer Process Outsourcing

Ans: C

Q. Founder of Facebook?

(A) Mark Zuckerberg

(B) Bill gates

(C) Larry page

(D) None

Ans: A

Q. Main content of e-mail lies?

(A) Subject

(B) CC


(D) Body

Ans: D

Q. What is the shortcut command for fullscreen in Google Chrome?

(A) Ctrl + T

(B) F11

(C) F10

(D) Ctrl + F

Ans: B

Q. Send and replied mails are stored in

(A) Drafts

(B) Inbox

(C) Outbox

(D) Sent

Ans: D

Q. What is Linux?

(A) Multi Tasking

(B) Multi User

(C) A & B

(D) None of Above

Ans: C

Q. What is biggest in following?

(A) TB

(B) PB

(C) EB

(D) ZB

Ans: D

Q. Last column in Libre office Calc is





Ans: A

Q. What is the shortcut key for page break in Libre Office Writer?

(A) Shift + A

(B) Tab

(C) Ctrl + Enter

(D) Ctrl + C

Ans: C

Q. The name of the symbol @ is

(A) At the rate

(B) Hashtag

(C) dot

(D) None of Above

Ans: A

Q. What is Duck Duck Go?

(A) Search Engine

(B) Web Browser

(C) Application Software

(D) All of the Above

Ans: A

Q. The space is in a digital locker?

(A) 1 MB

(B) 10 GB

(C) 1 GB

(D) 1000 MB

Ans: C

Q. How many bits are there in IPV6 address?

(A) 32

(B) 64

(C) 128

(D) 28

Ans: C

Q. Phone pay is?

(A) Messenger

(B) Social Site

(C) E-Wallet

(D) None

Ans: C

Q. The founder of Instagram is?

(A) Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

(B) Mark Zuckerberg

(C) Bill Gates

(D) None of Above

Ans: A

Q. When was Indian rupee symbol got its approval?

(A) 2009

(B) 2012

(C) 2010

(D) 2015

Ans: C

Q. What is the minimum age to start using Facebook?

(A) 10 Years

(B) 13 Years

(C) 14 Years

(D) 18 Years

Ans: B

Q. The full form of IE is?

(A) Internet E-mail

(B) Internet Explorer

(C) Information Explorer

(D) None of Above

Ans: B

Q. The smallest computer is below?

(A) Mini Computer

(B) Micro Computer

(C) Super Computer

(D) Mainframe Computer

Ans: B

Q. How many rows and columns are there in Calc?

(A) 1048576 and 1024

(B) 1024 and 1048576

(C) 1048576 and 16384

(D) 16384 and 1048576

Ans: A

Q. What is the shortcut command is used to exit LibreOffice Impress?

(A) Ctrl + Q

(B) Ctrl + W

(C) Shift +C

(D) None

Ans: B

Q. Which facility is used to buy and sell goods?

(A) E-gov

(B) E-commerce

(C) E-marketing

(D) None

Ans: B

Q. Networking device is not below?

(A) Router

(B) Gateway

(C) Firewall

(D) None

Ans: C

Q. Other name of credit cards is?

(A) Easy Money

(B) Plastic Money

(C) Debit card

(D) None of the above

Ans: B

Q. Which bank started the credit card?

(A) Canara bank



(D) Central bank of India

Ans: D

Q. India’s first bank is?

(A) Bank of Baroda

(B) Bank of Hindustan

(C) HDFC Bank

(D) None of these

Ans: B

Q. The maximum UPI number is?

(A) 6

(B) 4

(C) 7

(D) 5

Ans: A

Q. How many digits are in MMID?

(A) 7

(B) 8

(C) 6

(D) 4

Ans: A

Q. The default size of a slide is

(A) 1 KB

(B) 526 MB

(C) 1 GB

(D) None

Ans: D

Q. Who is considered as the inventor of internet?

(A) Mark Enderson

(B) Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn Carf

(C) Charles Babbage

(D) None of these

Ans: B

Q. CD related with?

(A) Hardware

(B) Software

(C) Storage

(D) All of the above

Ans: C

Q. Developer of the Linux is?

(A) John Vincent

(B) Linus Torvalds

(C) .Semyon Korsakov

(D) None

Ans: B

Q. What is share on Instagram

(A) Photo

(B) Video

(C) Both A & B

(D) none

Ans: C

Q. The first electronic computer of India is?

(A) HEC-2M

(B) Param

(C) Vulcan 2

(D) None

Ans: A

Q. Messenger is related to which of the following?

(A) Internet messaging

(B) Social Networking

(C) Instant Messaging

(D) None of above

Ans: C

Q. Safari is

(A) Web browser made by apple

(B) Google app

(C) Microsoft’s first web browser

(D) None

Ans: A

Q. OS does not boot itself when a system is

(A) Shutdown

(B) Reset

(C) Power On

(D) Restart

Ans: A

Q. The shortcut command for inserting function in LibreOffice Calc?

(A) Shift + F3

(B) Ctrl + F2

(C) Ctrl + F3

(D) Alt + F3

Ans: B

Q. The normally margin in LibreOffice writer document is

(A) .5

(B) 0

(C) 1.5

(D) 1

Ans: D

Q. The file extension for template in LibreOffice Writer is

(A) .odp

(B) .odt

(C) .ott

(D) .doc

Ans: C

Q. What is Power point known as in LibreOffice?

(A) impress

(B) draw

(C) calc

(D) writer

Ans: A

Q. Developers of Email system is ?

(A) Alan Turing

(B) Ray Tomilson

(C) Wint Cerf

(D) Zukerberg

Ans: B

Q. Which software is used for 3D printing?

(A) Auto CAD

(B) CorelDraw

(C) Adobe Photoshop

(D) Cura

Ans: D

Q. Under which menu page setup appears

(A) Tools menu

(B) File menu

(C) Slideshow menu

(D) none

Ans: B

Q. A DVD is an example of a

(A) Hard Disk

(B) Output device

(C) Optical device


Ans: C

Q. The personal computer industry was started by?


(B) Apple

(C) Compaq


Ans: A

Q. Which type of device is 3 and half inch floppy drive?

(A) Input

(B) Output

(C) Software

(D) Storage

Ans: D

Q. Which menu change command appears?

(A) Insert

(B) Slideshow

(C) Format

(D) Edit

Ans: C

Q. Which is not a high level language program?

(A) C

(B) C++