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NIELIT CCC Exam July 2022 Practice Test Paper

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Q. Start icon on the desktop is placed on which bar?

(A) Tool bar

(B) Task Bar

(C) Title bar

(D) Menu bar

Ans: B

Q. Telnet means?

(A) Terminal network

(B) Telephone network

(C) Telecommunication network

(D) Territorial network

Ans: C

Q. KYC is?

(A) Know Your Customer

(B) Know Your Character

(C) Both A and B

(D) None of the these

Ans: A

Q. What is the shortcut key for Paste special in Libre Office?

(A) Ctrl + Shift + V@

(B) Ctrl + V

(C) Ctrl + Shift + P

(D) Ctrl + P

Ans: A

Q. What is the shortcut key for slide show from current slide of the presentation?

(A) F5

(B) Shift + F5

(C) Ctrl + F5

(D) Alt + F5

Ans: B

Q. What is the shortcut key for checking spelling?

(A) F3

(B) F5

(C) F7

(D) F9

Ans: C

Q. IP means?

(A) Internet Protocol

(B) Internet Priority

(C) Internet Public

(D) Internet Property

Ans: A

Q. BCC is?

(A) Beauty Carbon Copy

(B) Black Carbon Copy

(C) Back ground color copy

(D) Blind Carbon Copy

Ans: D

Q. What is window shortcut key for save?

(A) Ctrl + Alt

(B) Ctrl + S

(C) Ctrl + Q

(D) Ctrl + F1

Ans: B

Q. The shortcut key to create new document in LibreOffice writer is

(A) Ctrl + N

(B) Ctrl + Shift + N

(C) Shift + N

(D) None of the these

Ans: A

Q. What is the shortcut key to close Libre Office Writer?

(A) Ctrl + P

(B) Ctrl + Q

(C) Ctrl + W

(D) Ctrl + Shift + Q

Ans: C

Q. The full form of MAC

(A) Media Address Control

(B) Media Axis Control

(C) Media Access Control

(D) None

Ans: C

Q. Which type of computer could be found in a digital watch?

(A) Mainframe computer

(B) Super computer

(C) Embedded

(D) None

Ans: D

Q. URI means?

(A) Uniform Resource Identifier

(B) Universal Resource Identifier

(C) User Resource Identifier

(D) None of Above

Ans: A

Q. What is the shortcut key for inserting a new slide

(A) Ctrl + S

(B) Ctrl + M

(C) Ctrl + I

(D) Alt + M

Ans: B

Q. Portrait and landscape are?

(A) Page size

(B) Page Orientation

(C) Text Effect

(D) Page Layout

Ans: B

Q. What is the shortcut key to redo in libre office writer?

(A) Ctrl + Z

(B) Ctrl + Y

(C) Ctrl + R

(D) Ctrl + Shift + R

Ans: B

Q. TV and internet interface is supported by

(A) Cable modem

(B) Switch


(D) modem

Ans: A

Q. The least significant bit of the binary number which is equivalent to any odd decimal number is

(A) 3

(B) 1

(C) 0

(D) 1 or 0

Ans: C

Q. Which is not easy to use as a portable computer?

(A) Mini computer

(B) Micro computer

(C) Laptop

(D) Notebook

Ans: A

Q. Mv command is used to?

(A) Move os

(B) Watching movies

(C) Move file

(D) none

Ans: C

Q. Last column in Libre office Calc is





Ans: A

Q. What is the shortcut key for page break in Libre Office Writer?

(A) Shift + A

(B) Tab

(C) Ctrl + Enter

(D) Ctrl + C

Ans: C

Q. What is the shortcut key for save as in Libre Office Writer?

(A) Ctrl + Shift + S

(B) Ctrl + S

(C) F12

(D) All of above

Ans: A

Q. What is the shortcut key for inserting time in Libre Office Calc?

(A) Ctrl +;

(B) Ctrl + Shift + ;

(C) Ctrl + T

(D) None

Ans: B

Q. What is the shortcut key for deleting as cell in Libre Office Calc

(A) Ctrl + +

(B) Ctrl + -

(C) Ctrl + D

(D) Delete

Ans: B

Q. The maximum space in Digital locker?

(A) 1 MB

(B) 10 GB

(C) 1 GB

(D) 1000 MB

Ans: C

Q. Maximum friends can add in a facebook account?

(A) 2000

(B) 4000

(C) 3000

(D) 5000

Ans: D

Q. What’s command displays the disk consumption of a specific directory?

(A) dd

(B) df

(C) du

(D) ds

Ans: C

Q. What is watching online videos called?

(A) Uploading

(B) Downloading

(C) Streaming

(D) None

Ans: C

Q. who was the first to use the punch card?

(A) John vincent

(B) J. Presper Eckert

(C) Herman Hollerith, Semyon Korsakov

(D) All of the above

Ans: C

Q. What’s generation of computer bigger in size?

(A) First generation

(B) Second generation

(C) Third generation

(D) Fourth generaton

Ans: A

Q. Which is the most used bank in public space?





Ans: A

Q. What is different features of Big Data Analytics

(A) Open Source

(B) Scalability

(C) Data Recovery

(D) All

Ans: D

Q. CUI means?

(A) Character user interface

(B) Command user interface

(C) Both A and B

(D) None

Ans: C

Q. One half of byte is equal to

(A) 1 bit

(B) 1 byte

(C) 1 nibble

(D) None

Ans: C

Q. What opens by shortcut command Ctrl + Esc?

(A) Task Bar

(B) Control panel

(C) Start menu

(D) None

Ans: C

Q. The full form of MIME is?

(A) Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

(B) Multipurpose Internet Mail Email

(C) Multipurpose International Mail Entity

(D) Multipurpose International Mail End

Ans: A

Q. Which bank started the credit card?

(A) Canara bank



(D) Central bank of India

Ans: D

Q. Why we use bookmark?

(A) Remember page

(B) Delete page

(C) Book page

(D) None of these

Ans: A

Q. What is the total number of digits in a CVV?

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 6

(D) 5

Ans: A

Q. Which year was developed Mozilla Firefox?

(A) 2001

(B) 2002

(C) 2003

(D) 2004

Ans: B

Q. What is the maximum zoom in LibreOffice Calc

(A) 5

(B) 10

(C) 20

(D) 15

Ans: C

Q. Who was the Governor when BHIM App was launched?

(A) Urjit patel

(B) Raghuram Rajan

(C) Shaktikant Das

(D) None of these

Ans: A

Q. Where is the sent mail stored?

(A) Outbox

(B) Trash

(C) Inbox

(D) Draft

Ans: C

Q. Libre Office Writer extension is?

(A) .odp

(B) .odd

(C) .ods

(D) .odt

Ans: D

Q. How you check the Linux operating system version

(A) Uname

(B) Sname

(C) OSname

(D) none

Ans: A

Q. What is 404 error in HTTP?

(A) Page not found on this server

(B) Server & Page not found

(C) Server not found

(D) None

Ans: A

Q. What is the symbol of trending in Twitter?

(A) #

(B) @

(C) &

(D) $

Ans: A

Q. Which logo is in Twitter

(A) Larry bird

(B) Eagle

(C) Duck

(D) None

Ans: A

Q. Which year Google established

(A) 1969

(B) 1989

(C) 1998

(D) 1999

Ans: C

Q. Which was the first search engine?

(A) Google

(B) Netscape

(C) Safari

(D) Archie

Ans: D

Q. How many layers in OSI model

(A) 7

(B) 6

(C) 9

(D) none

Ans: A

Q. OCR stands

(A) Optical character recognition

(B) Optical code recognition

(C) Optical character reader

(D) None

Ans: A

Q. Which organization started BHIM app?




(D) None

Ans: B

Q. Who is the founder of Intel?

(A) Gordon moree

(B) Robert Noyce

(C) Jack mccarthy

(D) Both A and B

Ans: D

Q. Which generation LAN and WAN were started?

(A) First

(B) Second

(C) Third

(D) Fourth

Ans: D

Q. BHIM full form

(A) Bharat Interface for Money

(B) Bharat Exchange for money

(C) Bharti Interface for Money

(D) none

Ans: B

Q. Where was India’s first super computer made?

(A) Kanpur

(B) Deli

(C) Mumbai

(D) Pune

Ans: D

Q. What was used in third generation of computer?

(A) Integrated circuits

(B) Vaccum tube

(C) Transister

(D) Microprocessor

Ans: A

Q. Where are deleted emails saved?

(A) spam

(B) Trash

(C) Sent

(D) Draft

Ans: B

Q. The maximum transaction amount limit in RTGS?

(A) 5 lacks

(B) 4 lacks

(C) 6 lacks

(D) none

Ans: D

Q. What is VDU?

(A) O/P device

(B) I/P

(C) Both A and B

(D) none

Ans: A

Q. How many digit in Maestro card number

(A) 18

(B) 19

(C) 20

(D) 21

Ans: B

Q. TCP/IP connects?

(A) Internet

(B) Server

(C) Client

(D) B and C

Ans: D

Q. What is shortcut key