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NIELIT CCC Exam September 2022 Practice Test Paper

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Q. Which is the shortcut command to use to move from a cell to A1 cell in LibreOffice Calc?

(A) Home

(B) Ctrl + Home

(C) Shift + Home

(D) Alt + Home

Ans: B

Q. What is filter in LibreOffice Calc?

(A) To view specific rows

(B) To see specific posts

(C) To view a specific cell

(D) None of Above

Ans: A

Q. The shortcut key of inserting function in LibreOffice Calc?

(A) Ctrl + F2

(B) Ctrl + F4

(C) Ctrl + F3

(D) Ctrl + F1

Ans: A

Q. Cannot do maximum zoom in LibreOffice Calc?

(A) 300%

(B) 200%

(C) 400%

(D) 500%

Ans: D

Q. What is backup restore?

(A) Office Program

(B) Utility

(C) System Software

(D) None of Above

Ans: B

Q. Which the following is a single user Operating System?

(A) Unix

(B) Linux


(D) None of the Above

Ans: C

Q. What is the maximum size of the URL?

(A) 256

(B) 512

(C) 1024

(D) 2048

Ans: D

Q. Which protocol is used to send the e-mail?


(B) POP3


(D) All of the above

Ans: A

Q. What keeps the time and date updated on computer?




(D) Flash memory

Ans: A

Q. What is internet?



(C) Network of Network

(D) Network

Ans: C

Q. Which of the following would not use big data analytics?

(A) Healthcare companies

(B) Public agencies

(C) Retail companies

(D) High school students doing home work

Ans: D

Q. why do use bookmark?

(A) To remember a page

(B) To remove a useless page

(C) To download a page

(D) None

Ans: A

Q. What is shortcut command is for cycle case?

(A) Shift + F3

(B) Ctrl + F3

(C) F3

(D) Ctrl + Shift + F3

Ans: A

Q. What is the Topology?

(A) A type of network

(B) Internet connection

(C) Network design

(D) none

Ans: C

Q. Bluetooth connects through which network?

(A) wireless



(D) Piconet

Ans: D

Q. Ctrl + Y is used for

(A) Redo

(B) Undo

(C) Back

(D) Backspace

Ans: A

Q. What is the command for save as?

(A) Ctrl + Shift + S

(B) Shift + S

(C) Both A and B

(D) None

Ans: A

Q. What is the shortcut command for open a new tab in a browser?

(A) Ctrl + T

(B) Ctrl + A

(C) Shift + A

(D) Ctrl + J

Ans: A

Q. What is the file extension name in LibreOffice Writer?

(A) .odp

(B) .ods

(C) .odt

(D) .ott

Ans: C

Q. How many dimensions in QR code?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) None of Above

Ans: A

Q. Where is word count option located?

(A) Standard toolbar

(B) Task bar

(C) Status bar

(D) None of above

Ans: A

Q. How many passport offices are there in India?

(A) 88

(B) 37

(C) 543

(D) 36

Ans: B

Q. POP stands for?

(A) Post of point

(B) Point of purchase

(C) Power of purchase

(D) None of Above

Ans: B

Q. What is the maximum amount of money that can be transferred through NEFT/RTGS?

(A) More than 200000

(B) 500000

(C) 1000000

(D) No limit

Ans: D

Q. There is not an output device?

(A) Monitor

(B) Light Pen

(C) Printer

(D) All of the Above

Ans: B

Q. Which service do we need to use to check Aadhaar Seeding status?





Ans: B

Q. What is Yandex?

(A) Social Networking