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IOT MCQ Test Paper

1. What is the full form of IoT?

A. Internet of Technology

B. Incorporate of Things

C. Internet of Things

D. Incorporate of Technology

Answer: C

2. How many numbers of the element in the open IoT architecture?

A. Four elements

B. Five elements

C. Six elements

D. Seven elements

Answer: D

3. Which network is used by a sensor?

A. PAN and LAN

B. PAN and HAN

C. HAN and LAN

D. HAN, PAN, and LAN

Answer: D

4. What is the full form of IANA?

A. Internal Assessment Numerical Access

B. Internet Association Numbers Authority

C. International Aid For Network Automation

D. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

Answer: - D

5. A Gateway software must be smart enough so that it can handle _____________.

A. Sensors

B. Logging

C. Message


Answer: B

6. Which of the following is the way in which an IoT device is associated with data?

  1. Internet

  2. Cloud

  3. Automata

  4. Network

Answer: B

7. Identify the java extension file in IoT.

A. .c

B. .py

C. .exe

D. .jar

Answer: D

8. The standard length of the MAC address is

A. 16 bits

B. 48 bits

C. 32 bits

D. 8 bits

Answer: B

9. What is IoT ?

A. network of physical objects embedded with sensors

B. network of virtual objects

C. network of objects in the ring structure

D. network of sensor

Answer: A

10. Which are the main components in IOT?

A. Low power embedded systems

B. Cloud computing

C. Availability of big data, networking connection

D. All of the above

Answer: D

11. Which of the following IoT networks has a very short range?

A. Short Network


C. SigFox

D. Short-range Wireless Network

Answer: D

12. MAC addresses is used in the form of ……………………..

A. IP addresses

B. Network address

C. Burned in address

D. Hardware address

Answer: B

13. Which is not below an IoT device?

A. Smartwatch

B. Andriod Phone

C. Laptop

D. Tubelight

Answer: D

14. The bit length of the IPV6 is ……..

A. 8 bits

B. 16 bits

C. 32 bits

D. 128 bits

Answer: D

15. Which sensor detects the presence of an object?

A. temperature sensor

B. proximity sensor

C. pressure sensor

D. light sensor

Answer: B

16. Which device is also called as photodetector?

A. IR sensor

B. presure sensor

C. light sensor

D. ultrasonic sensor

Answer: C

17. When was the actual term “Internet of Things” coined?

A. 1998

B. 1999

C. 2000

D. 2002

Answer: B

18. An IoT network is a collection of ………….devices.

A. Signal

B. Machine to Machine

C. Interconnected

D. Network to Network

Answer: C

19. The address of the original IEEE 802 MAC comes from………………………….

A. Http

B. Ethernet address

C. IP address

D. MAC address

Answer: B

20. The IPV4 has a …………………….. notation for addressing

A. Dotted decimals

B. Hexadecimal

C. Both a and b

D. None of the above

Answer: A

21. Which of the following is not an IoT platform?

A. Amazon Web Services

B. Microsoft Azure

C. Salesforce

D. Flipkart

Answer: D

22. What is the main purpose of WoT (Web of Things) in the IoT?

A. Improve the usability and interoperability

B. Reduce the security

C. Complex the development

D. Increase the cost

Answer: A

23. What is the Arduino UNO?

A. Software

B. Hardware device

C. Network

D. Protocol

Answer: B

24. Gateway provides the connection between ………..and ……..

A. Controller and device

B. Network and Controller

C. Network and Cloud

D. Cloud and Controller

Answer: D

25. ……….allows the user to control electronic components.

A. Android API




Answer: B

26. IRC is an abbreviation for……………

A. Interconnect Reduce Chat

B. Internet Relay Chat

C. Interconnection Relay Chat

D. Internet Reduce Chat

Answer: B

27. What is the standard form of RFID?

A. Radio Frequency Identification

B. Radio Waves Frequency Identification

C. Radio Frequency InterDependent

D. Radio Wave Frequency Independent

Answer: A

28. The MQTT protocol designed for………………..

A. Limited bandwidth

B. Remote connection

C. Small code footprint

D. All of the above

Answer. D

29. MQTT is ………………..protocol.

A. Machine to Machine

B. Internet of Things

C. Machine to Machine and IOT

D. Machine Things

Answer: C

30. Which protocol is used to link all the devices in the IoT?


B. Network



Answer: A

31. Which is not a fundamental component of an IoT system?

A. Sensors

B. Connectivity and data processing

C. User interface

D. Transformer

Answer: D

32. Which of the following allows to monitor the application

A. boot

B. hypermedia

C. actuators

D. endpoints

Answer: D

33. In which terms in resolution expressed?

A. bits

B. bytes

C. nibble

D. word

Answer: A

34. What is the role of Big Data in IoT's Smart Grid architecture?

A. Filter the data

B. Locked the data

C. Store data

D. None of the Above

Answer: C

35. The Network layer protocol is present in the………………………………..

A. Bridges

B. Packets

C. Switches

D. Host

Answer: D

36. What is mandatory for an IP Packet to contain?

A. Destination IP Address

B. Source IP Address

C. Both A and B

D. None of these

Answer: C

37. An IoT network is?

A. a collection of networked devices

B. a collection of Interconnected devices

C. a collection of signalled devices

D. None of the above

Answer: B

38. For version 1.2, the Bluetooth supports……………………….

A. 1 Mbps data rate

B. 2 Mbps data rate

C. 3 Mbps data rate

D. 4 Mbps data rate

Answer. A

39. Z wave operate on the low frequency speed

A. 908.42 band

B. 250 band

C. 1080 band

D. 1024.00 band

Answer: A

40. SLA stands for…………………………………..

A. System Local area

B. Service local area

C. system level argument

D. Service Level argument

Answer: D

41. What is the real example of a smart grid device in IoT?

A. Mobile phone

B. Television

C. Smart Speaker

D. Smart Meters

Answer: D

42. Which layer is used for wireless connection in IoT devices?

A. Application layer

B. Network layer

C. Data link layer

D. Transport layer

Answer: C

43. What is the proposed “white Space” radio standard called?

A. Bluetooth

B. WiMax

C. Weightless

D. Zigbee

Answer : C

44. Which is used to capture data from the physical world in IoT devices?

A. Sensors

B. Actuators

C. Microprocessors

D. Microcontrollers

Answer: A

45. ICT stands?

A. InterConnect Technology

B. Internet Connection Topology

C. Information and Communication Technology

D. Infer Communication Topology

Answer: C

46. What is the sensor/protocol used in GSN?

A. HTTP protocol

B. CoAP protocol

C. MQTT protocol

D. XMPP protocol

Answer: B

47. What is ESP8266?

A. WIFI module

B. Sensor

C. Board

D. USB cable

Answer: A

48. Monnit temperature sensor is used for?

A. Accurate results

B. To measure the temperature at high degree

C. Temperature sensor

D. None of Above

Answer: A

49. Which is not a sensor in IoT?

A. BMP280

B. DHT11

C. Photoresistor


Answer: D

50. IANA stands for?

A. Inter-Assessment-Number-Access

B. Internet-Association-Numbers-Authority

C. International-Aid-for-Network-Authority

D. Internet-Assigned-Numbers-Authority

Answer: D

51. The………………. filtering is a security measure on various wireless networks:





Answer: C

52. Electric motor protection has which sensor?

A. Pressure sensor

B. Touch sensor

C. Temperature sensor

D. Humidity sensor

Answer: C

53. The use of PWM signals in IoT development boards is?

A. They are used by sensors to have analog input

B. They are used by sensors to have digital input

C. They are used by actuators to have analog input

D. They are used by sensor to have digital input

Answer: C

54. What is the standard port number of secure MQTT?

A. 1883

B. 8000

C. 8883

D. 8888

Answer: C

55. Which type of interface is used by fingerprint sensors to collect data?

A. IPI interface

B. UART interface

C. I2P interface

D. None

Answer: B

56. The Z-waves uses radiofrequency for………………..

A. Control

B. Signalling

C. Both A and B

D. None of the above

Ans. C

57. The NFC used in…………………….

A. Parcel tracking

B. Low power home automation

C. Smart phone-based payments

D. All of the above

Answer: D

58. How many wires does the SPI protocol use?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 2

D. 8

Answer: B

59. Which of the following layers provides end-to-end communication in IoT?

A. Logical layer

B. Data link layer

C. Transport layer

D. Session layer

Answer: C

60. Which devices is used to measure the gases or liquid?

A. Optical Sensor

B. Gas Sensor

C. Smoke Sensor

D. Pressure sensor

Answer: D

61. Which of the following IOT gateway must provide?

A. Protocol abstraction

B. Security with hardware

C. Simple and fast installation

D. Data storage

Answer: A

62. Which is used to reprogram a Bootloader in IoT devices?

A. VHDL programming


C. ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming)


Answer: C

63. SOAP stands for?

A. State Access Object Protocol

B. State Allied Object Protocol

C. Simple Access Object Protocol

D. Simple Allied Object Protocol

Answer: C

64. The first line of HTTP request message is called ……………………………

A. Request line

B. Header line

C. Status line

D. Entity line

Answer: A

65. What is the default user in Debain on Raspberry Pi?

A. Default

B. User

C. Pi

D. Root

Answer: C

66. Bluetooth allows the station to define a quality of

A. Time Level

B. Service Level

C. Data Level

D. Segment Level

Answer: B

67. Which library is used to access I2C in Arduino IoT devices?


B. Wire

C. DHT11

D. ArduinoJson

Answer: B

68. Arduino IDE is written in which language

A. Java

B. C/C++

C. JavaScript

D. Python

Answer: B

69. Total type of capacitive touch sensors are

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Answer: A

70. Which protocols is used by USART?

A. RS32

B. RS232C

C. 4RS85

D. All of the these

Answer: B

71. HDLC stands for?

A. Higher Data Level Communication

B. Higher Data Link Communication

C. High-level Data Link Control

D. High Data Level Control

Answer: C

72. Which of the following "bit" defines the address bit in the control register?



C. RXWake

D. None of the these

Answer: B

73. Choose the correct option for indexing of below code….

Void main ()


int a[10];


A. 0,10

B. 0,9

C. 1,10

D. 1,9

Answer: B

74. Which layer is not mentioned in TCP/IP?

A. Presentation

B. Network

C. Application

D. Transport

Answer: A

75. The main security challenge to overcome to make IOT services available at low cost is?

A. Open security

B. Scalability

C. Detachment

D. None of these

Answer: B

76. How can we initialize the array?

A. Initializing

B. Assigning array

C. Factoring and array

D. Populating an array

Answer: A

77. Which is IOT IDE and tools?


B. Pascal

C. C

D. Arduino

Answer: D

78. Which operators has highest precedence?

A. == and !=

B. Logical

C. Relational

D. Arithmetic

Answer: D

79. What is the output of following code?


Void main()

Int x=1,y=2, z=3



A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Answer: D

80. Choose the correct option for the ternary operator in embedded C:

A. Based on ternary condition

B. Similar to loop

C. Condition? Expression1: Expression

D. Condition? Expression1<Expression

Answer: C

81. The wireless network types that promote IOT deployment in industries are?

A. Cellular (2G-5G) network protocols

B. Bluetooth

C. Near field communication

D. All of the these

Answer: D

82. IOT devices are vulnerable to attacks and threats. One of them is Cryptanalysis attack that means:

A. By recovering the encryption information

B. Inject malicious codes

C. Find cipher text to break the encryption

D. Tamper with the hardware

Answer: C

83. The enduring feature that describes an individual’s behavior and attitude is called

A. Education

B. Personality Traits

C. Financial Status

D. Job profile

Answer: B

84. Which syntax is true for loop?

A. for(x=0; x<10; x++);

B. for(x=0; x<10; x++)

C. for(x=0; x<10 x++);

D. for(x=0, x<10, x++);

Answer: B

85. The selection of Microcontrollers for IOT is based on:

A. Individual characteristics

B. Stability

C. Desirable output

D. All of these

Answer: D

86. How many types of Arduinos do we have?

A. 5

B. 6

C. 8

D. 7

Answer: C

87. In ATmega328p p means?

A. Production

B. Pico-Power

C. Power-Pico

D. Programmable on chip

Answer: B

88. What is the correct execution process of an Arduino code?

A. Editor->Preprocessor->Compiler

B. Preprocessor->Editor->Compiler

C. Compiler->Preprocessor->Editor

D. Editor->Compiler->Preprocessor

Answer: A

89. Which is used to upload the Arduino Sketches to the board?

A. avrgcc

B. g++

C. cpython for windows

D. avrdude

Answer: D

90. UNO board has digital pins?

A. 14

B. 12

C. 16

D. 20

Answer: A

91. What is the output of the following Arduino code?

#define X 10;

void setup(){





void loop(){


A. 0xAB

B. 0xa

C. 0

D. Error

Answer: D

92. The output of pin1, if pin2 is sent 1011 where 1 is 5V and 0 is 0V?

int pin1 = 12;

int pin2 = 11;

void setup()


pinMode(pin1, OUTPUT);

pinMode(pin2, INPUT);



void loop()






else if(digitalRead(pin2)==0)





A. 1110

B. 0100

C. 1111

D. 1011

Answer: B

93. What is output of below code?


int pin=13;

void setup()





void loop()


for (int i=0;i<EEPROM.length();i++)


EEPROM.write(i, 1);






B. Fill EEPROM with 1’s

C. Export EEPROM data

D. Fill EEPROM with 0’s

Answer: B

94. . What is the output of Arduino code?

void setup()




void setup()




A. Send a signal to pin 40 on the Arduino board

B. Send a octal number of 40 through the Serial pins

C. Send a byte with value 40 through the Serial pins

D. Send a hexadecimal number of 40 through the Serial pins

Answer: C

95. MQTT is based upon ……

A. Publish-subscribe architecture

B. Client server architecture

C. Both A and B

D. None of Above

Answer: A

96. Analog pins _____ the signals from an analog sensor.

A. Write

B. Read

C. Peruse

D. Study

Answer: B

97. The function which repeatedly executes in the main program?

A. Setup

B. Loop

C. While

D. None of the these

Answer: B

98. Arduino mega works at frequency _____?

A. 12Khz

B. 14Mhz

C. 16Mhz

D. 18Mhz

Answer: C

99. Does Arduino is open-source?



C. Can be true or false

D. Can not say

Answer: A

100. What is a firewall in computer networks?

A. A system designed to prevent unauthorized access

B. A web browser

C. The physical boundary of network

D. The Network Operating System

Answer: A

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