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Abuja Travel Guide

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Abuja, A Transfixing Bliss Full Of Natural Pearls

Nigeria’s capital and situated at this country’s center, Abuja had been constructed chiefly during 1980s. It’s a planned city that replaced Lagos and formally came to be the capital of the nation in the year 1991. Moreover, this is amongst the nation’s most crowded conurbations. In addition, the urban is constantly advancing on the way of growth that has ranked it among the quickest developing conurbations of the African continent.

There are a lot of beguiling natural wonders which exert a pull on countless holidaymakers and globetrotters to take cheap flights and explore them all. From this perspective, the following scenic magnets deserve to be mentioned:

National Children’s Park

An acclaimed attraction for day trips, it is quite famous among the holidaymakers who are on a family vacation. What is more, this serves as an imposing charm for tourists who want to acquaint their kids with diverse bird and animal species. Owing to a spectacular backdrop of Aso Rock, it comes to light as an iconic and distinctive landmark of the city. It is home to some domestic creatures including chickens, camels and donkeys together with sundry wild beasts, such as zebra, cheetah, lion, giraffe, and so on in well-conserved habitation.

Abuja Jabi Lake

It’s an enigmatic sort of lake with water level remained unvarying all year-round. On a visit to this exquisite allure, vacationers can get a glimpse of some reptile species incorporating crocodiles. Furthermore, it may be converted into an outstanding and brilliant resort in the time to come.

Wonderland Park

It is an eye-catching amusing park and a superb place to be for kids as well as people of all ages. You can also find here an eatery together with several other facilities that make it worthwhile and comfy for trippers. It is a marvelous attraction for all the members of your family full of fun and pleasurable happenings to enjoy like an exciting collection of themed rides, merry-go-rounds, rollercoaster etc.

National Arboretum

Situated at Three Arms Zone, this is a dazzling site aimed at maintaining the jungle in addition to foliage and vegetation that are inside the Arboretum as well as keep their natural condition alive. It is an excellent place for birdwatching too, so if you possess the same interest, do not miss to explore it since there are distinct bird species to soothe your eyes and cravings.

Abuja Zoological Garden

It has recently been set up and showcases an enjoyable diversity of faunas which are found locally. Apart from this, Abuja Zoological Garden is a nice site to discover if you are keen on birdwatching as well.

Airlines that fly to Abuja

Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, RwandAir, British Airways, Air France, EgyptAir, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, British Airways (BA), ASKY Airlines (KP), Hapagfly (HF), Air Peace (P4), Arik Air (W3), Azman Air (ZQ), and Africa World Airlines (AW) are airlines that fly to Abuja.

Best Time To Visit Abuja, Nigeria

The best time to visit Abuja is from November to February. You can book flights in advanced and take enjoy Abuja peak seasons. Abuja's temperature can rise as high as 41℃ in summer season.

Wish to travel Abuja?

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