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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way by which we increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine result. It is the art and Science of optimizing your web pages to be found by the search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

To understand extremely SEO to read following points . 

  • Quality of traffic. We get high quality traffic from SEO because through SEO your website is rank in Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Anyone search information in these search engine whenever has a need so we get quality traffic through SEO. 

  • Quantity of traffic. If we do seo of any website then our website is rank in top 10 then we get lots of traffic . By the SEO we increase back-link of website.

  • Organic results. If anyone search  any information in search engine  and get our website in search results then it is called organic result. We get organic result through SEO .

  • These points proved that SEO is very useful for our business website.

There are two Types of SEO:

  • 1. On-page SEO

  • 2. Off-page SEO

On Page SEO:

In simple way we can say that doing work on our website is called ON Page technology. We do following work on our website .

  • Meta title, Meta Description, Meta Tags- The length of the title should be according to search engine for Google it is under 70 characters and for Bing under 65 characters.

  • URL Structure: Url has main keyword which want to rank in search engine.

  • Content Optimization: Duplicate content not allow.

  • Heading Tags- Web page has HTML heading like h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6.

  • Keyword density: Keyword density must have 3% or 4%. 

  • Image Optimization

  • Robots file

Off Page SEO:

SEO Off Page means to create links i.e. link building. Off page is all regarding link building through varied activities

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Classified Submission

  • Business Listing

  • Directory Submission

  • Profile Creation

  • URL Submission

  • PPT Submission

  • Press Release

  • Image and Video Submission

  • Article Submission

  • Blog creation and submission

2.  Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is one of the best market for your business because you can promote your business easily through social website like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram,pinterest etc. 

Social channels will feel a lot of personal than sites, and they’re an excellent thanks to get a way of a company’s temperament off the bat. once I’m researching an organization I don’t understand abundant concerning I usually go straight to their Twitter or Facebook page. thus if a social account shows up at the highest of the search results, I’m even as doubtless to click thereon as i might be to click on their web site.

Takeaway: There’s little doubt that your social profiles refer Google and particularly to those that ar searching for you on-line. many active social channels will build the expertise of planning to understand your whole on-line a lot of fun, participating and private. Also, whereas some could think about Google+ a non-essential social channel, marketers shouldn’t discount the very fact that a company’s Google+ profile is one among the primary things a searcher can see (and probably click on). As such, it pays to possess a profile with up-to-date information and interesting content.

3.  Google Adwords/PPC

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising victimization AdWords is maybe the foremost widespread variety ofadvertising among tiny businesses. this can be partially due to Google’s name and partially as a result of it permitsthe tiny business owner to manage prices. There square measure varied ways in which Google AdWords will assist you as attiny low business owner, however it takes some basic instruction to induce started and faucet ultimately faucet into its full potential as an advertising tool.

Google AdWords isn’t solely a pay per click advertising outlet, however it is also a robust tool which will be used as AN advertising template for your online ads. to boot, as arguably the most important web-based international selling network, Google could be a great way to induce exposure for your web site on the net. you’ll get data concerning Google AdWords from regarding each programme results page Google displays by clicking the Advertising Programs link at the lowest of the AdWords welcome page. By putting the best bid on a keyword or keyword phrase you’ll get nice detected once somebody varieties your keyword into their browser for a Google search.

4.  Google Analytics

Google Analytics may be a free net analytics service that gives statistics and basic analytical tools for computer programme optimisation (SEO) and selling functions. The service is accessible to anyone with a Google account. Google bought kid software system Corporation in Apr 2005 and used that company’s kid on Demand product because the basis for its current service.

Google Analytics Options Include:

  • knowledge mental image tools together with a dashboard, scorecards and motion charts, that show changes in knowledge over time.

  • Segmentation for analysis of subsets, like conversions.

  • Custom reports.

  • Email-based sharing and communication.

  • Integration with different Google merchandise, like AdWords, Public knowledge adventurer and web site Optimizer.

Google Analytics is geared toward tiny and medium-sized retail websites. The service has limitations that create it less suited to a lot of complicated websites and bigger enterprises. for instance, the system collects knowledge through a JavaScript page tag inserted within the code of pages the user desires to gather knowledge on. The page tag functions as an online bug to collect visitant data. However, as a result of it’s dependent on cookies, the system can’t collect knowledge for users United Nations agency have disabled them. Google additionally uses sampling in its reports instead of analyzing all offered knowledge.

Furthermore, some security consultants have raised considerations concerning privacy problems in Google Analytics. Through the Google Analytics Dashboard, users will collect data on folks whose websites link to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

5.  Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses all promoting efforts that use an device or the net. Businesses leverage digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and their websites to attach with current and prospective customers.

The best digital marketers have a transparent image of however every digital promotion campaign supports their overarching goals. And reckoning on the goals of their promoting strategy, marketers will support a bigger campaign through the free and paid channels at their disposal.

A content merchant, for instance, will produce a series of web log posts that serve to get leads from a brand notebook the business recently created. The company’s social media merchant may then facilitate promote these web log posts through paid and organic posts on the business’s social media accounts. maybe the e-mail merchant creates AN email campaign to send people who transfer the eBook a lot of info on the corporate. We’ll speak a lot of regarding these specific digital marketers during a minute.

What Will A Digital Marketer Do?

Digital marketers ar answerable of driving whole awareness and lead generation through all the digital channels — each free and paid — that ar at a company’s disposal. These channels embrace social media, the company’s own web site, program rankings, email, show advertising, and therefore the company’s journal.

The digital merchandiser sometimes focuses on a distinct key performance indicator (KPI) for every channel so that they will properly live the company’s performance across all. A digital merchandiser who’s answerable of SEO, as an example, measures their web site’s “organic traffic” — of that traffic returning from web site guests United Nations agency found a page of the business’s website via a Google search.

Digital selling is disbursed across several selling roles these days. In tiny corporations, one student may own several of the digital selling ways delineated on top of at a similar time. In larger corporations, these ways have multiple specialists that every concentrate on only 1 or 2 of the brand’s digital channels.

SEO and Digital Marketing is trading and demanding domain now still after 8 to 10 years Digital Marketing will be exist on top domains in corporate world.

Today, many companies pay 10,000 to 15,000 per-month salary for fresher(Depends on interview and company standard).

But if you have 2 to 3 years of experience in SEO definatly you will get 35,000 plus salary in hand.

and also you can do Freelancing simultaneously, so its good thing to earn more & more money.

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If those candidate know about SEO OFF Page then we can learn SEO ON Page only Rs 5000.

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