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Read carefully following practice set papers and 100 % passed in ccc exam. If any problem in ccc exam then comment. I will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

Libreoffice CCC Questions with Answers

CCC Exam April  Practice Set

CCC Exam March  Practice Set

CCC Exam January  Practice Set

CCC Exam December  Practice Set

CCC Exam November  Practice Set

CCC Exam October  Practice Set

CCC Exam September  Practice Set

CCC Exam August  Practice Set

CCC Exam July  Practice Set

CCC Exam June  Practice Test Paper

CCC Exam May Practice Test Paper

CCC Exam April  Practice Test Paper

CCC Exam March  Practice Test Paper

CCC Exam February  Practice Test Paper

CCC Practice Set in Hindi and English

Best CCC Question and Answer

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on CCC

Q.  What is Course on Computer Concepts (CCC)?
ns:   This course is intended to target giving an essential level IT Literacy program for the normal man. This program has basically been imagined with a thought of allowing a chance to the basic man to accomplish PC education accordingly adding to expanded and expedient PC entrance in various different backgrounds. In the wake of finishing the course the officeholder ought to have the option to the utilization the PC for fundamental motivations behind setting up his/her own/business letters, seeing data on web, accepting and sending sends, setting up his business introductions, getting ready little databases and so on. This helps the independent company networks, housewives, and so forth to keep up their little records utilizing the PCs and appreciate in the realm of Information Technology. This course is, in this manner, intended to be progressively handy arranged.

Q.  What is the detailed syllabus of CCC: 
Ans: CCC syllabus is available on NIELIT website i.e.

Q.   What is time period of CCC Course?
ns:   Usually the CCC course time period is 80 hours (Theory: 25 hrs + Practical: 50 hrs. + Tutorial: 5 hrs.) according to NIELIT.

Q.  What is the minimum age required for applying for CCC Examination?
ns:   There is no age limit for applying for CCC but candidates 10th class passed.

Q.  How to apply in the CCC Examination?
ns:   The candidates can apply for the CCC exam through online on

Q.  What is the fee of CCC Examination?
ns:   The examination fee is Rs 590.

Q.  What is mode of Exam fee to be pay for Online?
ns:  There are some mode for pay online ccc fee which are below : -

1. Online (Credit/ Debit card/ Netbanking)

Q: How many papers are there in CCC exam? 
ns:  One paper only.

Q. What are the minimum marks required qualifying CCC?
ns:  50% marks are required to qualify CCC.

Q. How many questions to be attempt and duration of examination?
Ans:  You can attempt the 100 questions in 90 minutes. There is no negative marking.

Q. Can I apply again for another CCC cycle, in case I failed to pass the CCC? Is there any limit to apply for CCC exam?
ns:  Yes, you can apply again in other exam cycle. No, there is no limit yet.

Q. Where can check the result of CCC Exam?
Ans:  You can check on

Q. What do the different grades awarded to the candidates after examination, represent?
ns:  The grades is:
D: 50% – 54%, C: 55% – 64%, B: 65% – 74%, A: 75% – 84%, S: 85% and over, F : Fail (<50%)

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