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Data Transmission Service MCQ


1. The maximum motion of Data transmission in dial up connection is………..

A. 56 kbps

B. 512kbps

C. 32kbps

D. 8kbps

Ans: A

Q2. Which provides very slow internet connection service?

A. Cable Modem

B. Dial UP

C. Leased Line


Ans: B

Q3. ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital network

Q4. Which of following telecommunication technology

A. Voice, video and data all are transmitted simultaneously

B. Only sound is transmitted

C. Only data is transmitted

D. Only video transmitted

Ans: A

Q5. Ethernet is known as

A. 803.2

B. 802.3

C. 802.5

D. 605.2

Ans: B

Q6. A proxy server is

A. Gateway of any network

B. Gateway of Application

C. Both A and B

D. None

Ans: B

Q7. To convert digital signal in analog signal by

A. Packet

B. Modem

C. Keyboard

D. None

Ans: B

Q8. Which is not used in LAN?

A. Computer

B. Modem

C. Cable

D. None

Ans: B

Q9. The hardware devices connect a personal computer to a dial up internet connection?

A. Bridge

B. Repeater

C. Hub

D. Modem

Ans: D

Q10. Modem is used when communicating data lies in ……………….




D. None

Ans: B

Q11. Communication device is

A. Modem


C. Printer

D. Mouse

Ans: A

Q12. Which devices is used to send and receive computer information over a telephone line

A. Modems

B. Mouse

C. Printer

D. Scanners

Ans: A

Q13. The Full form of MODEM

A. Modulator Demodulator

B. Modulation Demodulation

C. Both A and B

D. Model Demodulation

Ans: A

Q14. DAC is Digital to Analog convertor

Q15. WIMAX is Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

Q16. Wi-Fi is is Wireless Fidelity

Q17. WLL is Wireless in local loop

Q18. IP address is divided by

A. ,

B. .

C. :

D. “

Ans: B

Q19. IP Address is make up

A. 2 digit

B. 4 digit

C. 6 digit

D. 1 digit

Ans: B

Q20. Netware is Network Operating System

Q21. Joining the hub to computer is called ……………………… networking

A. Hand Shaking

B. Networking

C. Network

D. Device connecting

Ans: A

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