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Hanoi, a City of Incredible Lures!

Unquestionably, the spectacular city of Hanoi has emerged as one of the highly traveled and most sought after vacation spots of not only the country but also the planet. Moreover, its charisma and zingare a magnet for hundreds and thousands of trippers who make their way to this riveting urban for reveling in quality time and treasuring some of the best memories of a lifetime. As soon as you step in this magical land, you will be hailed by colorful Vietnamese ethnicity in addition to striking French colonial legacy, which bestow an inimitable and distinctive touring feel. To get the best out of your Hanoi excursion and give it an unforgettable appeal, ensure that you visit all of these touristic luresthat are rich in magnetism and verve…

Natural splendor and myriads temptations…

Trippers who have a keen interest in nature and seek great delight in all its pleasurable sensations must not miss to have a tryst with spellbinding natural trinkets. Indeed, it would offer a brilliant opportunity to soak up your spirit and senses with a refreshing and vitalizingretreat. From this perspective, worth mentioning are sundry lakes of Hanoi, exploring which is amongst the top things to do on your tour to this beautiful city of Vietnam. There are several most exquisite and prettiest lakes of the sphere like Hoan Keim Lake positioned in Hanoi’s business district. It isan arresting site andwithin easy reach that makes it a must visit attraction not only for nature aficionados but for all kinds of holidaymakers. You may gaze in awe Hoan Keim Lake from Ngoc Sin Temple as well, which is placed in its center.Since the lake has beenprotected and cared for, visitors can come in close contact with nature by availing a sight of turtles which are commonly found here.

Historic charms

Checking out historical places of interest to become acquainted with its bygone days is also a great way for living through the spirit and vitality Hanoi is alive with. The museums of the city could be the finest option for this; and beyond doubt, Hanoi has a wealth of splendid museums that beautifully depict its history.Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is amongst the most acclaimed museums of not only this urban but also the nation of Vietnam. It features many historic objects that deserve a visit for sure.

Another wonderful attraction to explore is Opera House which would add some zest to your Hanoi excursion, making it more pleasant and delightful. It is one of the city’s most popular traditional as well as architectural monuments positioned in August Revolution Square and is easy to get to.

The capital of Vietnam is known as Hanoi. It is top destination for tourists because it has all facilities for visitors such as amazing beaches, five star hotels, tourists’ places, Hanoi culture, Museums, Mountains, Temples, top Universities and best weather.

Hanoi Beaches:

This city has many top beaches for tourists which are popular in the entire world. Some top beaches are Bai Chay Beach, Tuan Chau Beach, DO Son Beach, Cat Ba Beach and Hai Thinh Beach etc.

Bai Chay Beach:

It is situated in Quang Ninh state and nearest to Northeast of Hanoi. It has amazing artificial part which is half km long and 1 km wide for visitors and it is surround by hill and covered with a forest which has more pine tree. It is fulfilled with the tourists during holiday’s times. It has many top hotels for visitors near own. Visitors come in this beach and take chance the tasty fresh sea foods in these luxury hotels.

Tuan Chau Beach:

This beach is artificial but has clean waters. It is located on Tuan Chaun Island and has many best hotels and luxury restaurants. It is expanding more than 2 km for swimmer.

Do Son Beach:

Do Son Beach is one of the best beach for tourists because it is divided into three parts. One part is located at entrance of Do Son Town. Second part is covered restaurants and hotels and third part provide relaxing and peace for tourists.

Temple of Literature:

An honor to Confucius and the website of the first university in Vietnam, the wonderful Temple of Literature has been around since the year 1070. The landmark contains numerous courtyards and pavilions, many of which have gone through cautious recovery in latest decades.

One Pillar Pagoda:

It is one of the best One Pillar Pagoda in Vietnam country. Many visitors come in this city for this attraction


Airlines that fly to Hanoi

Turkish Airlines (TK), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Air China (CA), Qatar Airways (QR), Aeroflot (SU), Emirates (EK), Korean Air (KE), All Nippon Airways (NH), Sichuan Airlines (3U), Philippine Airlines Philippine Airlines (PR), China Eastern Airlines (MU) are popular airlines that fly to Hanoi.

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