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IOT Jan 2023 Exam Solved Paper

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Q1. The purpose of communication is to help officials to -----------------the employees.

A. Eliminate

B. Motivate

C. Threaten

D. Apprise

Ans: B

Q2. What is the number of elements in open IOT architecture?

A. Four

B. Five

C. Six

D. Seven

Ans:D (sensor middleware (X-GSN), cloud data storage, scheduler, service delivery and utility manager, request definition, request presentation, configuration and monitoring)

Q3. Most Sensors have what type of transfer function?

A. Zero

B. Infinity

C. Linear

D. Non-linear

Ans: C

Q4. If 1 mean an object is detected and 0 meaning no object is detected, then considering the sensor stationary, what can be the possible movement of object if the output by the sensor is observed as 111000?

A. Object is stationary

B. Object is oscillating side by side

C. Object is moving away

D. Object is moving closer

Ans: C

Q5. Using lecturers and handouts, information is acquired via-------------------------- whereas by using tutorials and conversations, information is acquired through------------------

A. Students, tutors

B. Other sources, tutors

C. Tutors, fellow learners

D. None of the Above

Ans: C

Q6. Which of the following is false about IOT devices?

A. Use internet for collecting and sharing data

B. Need microcontrollers

C. Use wireless technology

D. Are completely safe

Ans: D

Q7. The main objective of WOT (Web of Things) is -----------------------

A. Improve usability and interoperability

B. Reduce the security

C. Complicate the development

D. Increase the cost

Ans: A

Q8. What is the size of RAM memory in 8051?

A. 32 bytes

B. 64 bytes

C. 128 bytes

D. 256 bytes

Ans: C

Q9: The scope that hacker can use to break into a system is called as:

A. Attack surface

B. Defense

C. Principle of least privilege

D. Risk mitigation

Ans: A

Q10: Identify the polite method of beginning a business letter.

A. We are forced to refuse

B. We demand to know from you

C. We find it difficult to believe

D. We appreciate your prompt reply

Ans: D

Q.11: How power supply is done to Raspberry Pi?

A. USB connection

B. Internal battery

C. Charger

D. Adapter

Ans: A

Q. 12: ------------------ is heart of computer system.

A. Memory

B. I/O

C. Counter

D. Processor

Ans: D

Q.13: What is the output of the following program?

for ( ; ; )




A. Error

B. Statements will run forever

C. This an infinite loop

D. Both B and C

Ans: D

Q 14: Which one of these is not threat modeling methodology?





Ans: A

Q15: Which of the following challenge arises when we use many devices on the same network?

A. Signaling

B. Security

C. Power Detection

D. Power Consumption

Ans: D

Q.16: What is the bit size used in 8051?

A. 4-bit

B. 8-bit

C. 16-bit

D. 32-bit

Ans: B

Q.17: How can you throw an error with preprocessor directives to Arduino compiler, forcing to stop compilation?

C. #cut

Ans: D

Q.18: Which of the following method is better for task swapping in the embedded system?

A. Time slice


C. Cooperative multitasking

D. Pre-emptive

Ans: D

Q.19: Functions can pass information in which of the following ways?

A. Value

B. Reference

C. Stack

D. Both A and B

Ans: B

Q.20: Which of the following is the basic functions of a timer?

A. control the compare, capture mode

B. Act as a counter

C. Provide a time delay

D. All of these

Ans: D

Q.21: __________is a combination of hardware and software to perform a specific task.

A. IoT System

B. Embedded System

C. Grid System

D. Cloud System

Ans. B

Q.22: How to research and enquire about the company?

A. Website

B. Company Directories

C. Annual Report

D. All of these

Ans. D

Q.23: The process of removing certain band of frequencies from a signal while permitting other is called as _________.

A. Attenuation

B. Distortion

C. Filtering

D. None of the above

Ans. A

Q.24: In IoT, Transport layer set up connections without handsakes/ acknowledgements using :





Ans. A

Q.25: What is the resolution of the micros()function on the Arduino Nano?

A. 7 Microseconds

B. 4 Microseconds

C. 6 Microseconds

D. 2 Microseconds


Q.26: IoT devices can easily lead to catastrophe without___________.

A. Software

B. Devices

C. Cloud

D. Management system

Ans. D

Q.27: What type of speaker looks into the eyes of the audience?

A. Confident

B. Impatient

C. Rude

D. Impolite

Ans. A

Q.28: TCP stands for :

A. Transmission Control Protocol

B. Telecommunication Control Protocol

C. Temperature Control Protocol

D. Transmission and Communication Protocol

Ans. A

Q.29: What is the efficiency of the DC motor at maximum power?

A. 90%

B. 100%

C. Around 80%

D. Less than 50%

Ans. D

Q.30: MQ-135 is type of _______.

A. Humidity sensor

B. Gas sensor

C. Light sensor

D. Temperature sensor

Ans. B

Q.31: The IoT networks that has a very short range is:




D. Short-range Wireless Network


Q.32: Which of these does not enhace listening skills?

A. Attention

B. Clear perception

C. Frankness

D. Ignoring

Ans. D

Q.33: In the IoT network, Secure Shell (SSH) is:

A. Gateway

B. Secure network protocol

C. Router

D. Firewall


Q.34: Reports are usually utilized to present the outcome of:

A. Experiment

B. Inquiry

C. Investigation

D. All of these


Q.35: Which of the following devices are specifically being used for converting serial to parallel and from parallel to serial respectively ?

A. Microcontroller

B. Timer

C. Counters

D. Registers


Q.36: HC-05 is a Bluetooth module that can communicate in which mode?

A. Simplex

B. Duplex

C. Full-Duplex

D. None of these


Q.37: What is the process to check whether previous stages of reading have been followed properly?

A. Survey

B. Question

C. Reading

D. Review

Ans: A

Q.38: What indicates to the reader the purpose of a letter ?

A. Subject

B. Body

C. Address

D. Salutation


Q.39: Which of the following is the key to an effective presentation?

A. Image

B. Styles

C. Limited words and key phrases

D. Layouts

Ans. C

Q.40: What is Arduino?

A. Programming language

B. Image editing software

C. Open-source electronics platform

D. Text editor

Ans. C

Q. 41 which of the following is NOT a data type?

A. Sbit

B. Dbit

C. Bit

D. Unsigned int

Ans: B

Q42 Predict the output of the following code if the object is moving away from the sensor:

Int op=7;

Int isBarrier=HIGH

Void setup()











A. Clear+clear+1

B. 1+1+clear+clear

C. Clear+clear+clear+clear

D. 1+1+clear+1

Ans: B

Q44. A good presented and communicator should:

A. Follow good sequencing of ideas

B. Manage time properly

C. Clear doubts

D. All of these

Ans. D

Q45. Spring Boot Actuator exposes operational information about running application using --------------------- endpoints.





Ans: B

Q 46. The actuators used in IOT applications are:

A. Relay

B. Servo Motors

C. DC Motors

D. All of these

Ans: D

Q47. What is the outcome of the following Arduino code?

Void setup()




Void setup ()




A. Send a signal to pin on the Arduino board

B. Send a octal number of 20 through the Serial pins

C. Send a byte with value 20 through the Serial pins

D. Send a hexadecimal number of 20 through the Serial pins

Ans: C

Q48. What the objective of the code given below

If it is executed on the Arduino Uno?


Int pin=13;

Void setup()





Void loop()


For (int i=0; i<EEPROM.length(); i++)



} digitalWrite(pin,HIGH);




B. Fill EEPROM with 1’s

C. Export EEPROM data

D. Fill EEPROM with 0’s

Ans: B

Q49: -------------------------- is meant for a specific group of people while -------------------------may be aimed for the general public.

A. Circular, notice

B. Notice, memo

C. Notice, circular

D. Memo, circular

Ans: A

Q50: What will be the output of the following code?


Void solve()


Int b=4;

Int res =b++ + ++b + ++b;

Print(“%d”, res);


Int main ()



Return 0;


A. 12

B. 15

C. 17

D. 20


Q51. Which one is not a control structure?

A. While

B. If..else

D. Case

Ans: C

Q52. Which of the following must be present in a microcontroller?





Ans: D

Q53. How are comments denoted in Embedded C ?

A. #

B. %

C. ;

D. //

Ans: D

Q54: What is the functions preprocessor directive in Embedded C programming?

A. Tell compiler where to find symbols that are not present in program

B. Give compiler instructions to compile the program

C. Define variable

D. Define functions

Ans: B

Q55. What are the major categories of communications?

A. Speech, writing

B. Printing

C. Electronic communication

D. All of the above

Ans; D

Q56. Which processor helps in carrying out floating point calculations?

A. Microprocessor

B. Coprocessor

C. Microcontroller

D. Controller

Ans: B

Q57. What language is the Arduino IDE built on?

A. Java


C. C/C++

D. Python

Ans: A

Q.58. These applications take data or input from various devices and convert it into viable actions or clear patterns for human analysis _________.

A. Real Time Analytics

B. Data Collection

C. Device Integration

D. Real Time Collection

Ans. A

Q.59. Which rule is used to decide the direction of rotation of DC motor?

A. Coulomb’s Law

B. Lenz’s Law

C. Fleming’s Right-hand Rule

D. Fleming’s Left-hand Rule

Ans. D

Q.60. Which of the following is an established set of rules that determines how data is transmitted between different device in the same network ?

A. Network connection

B. TCP IP protocol

C. Network Protocol

D. TCP protocol

Ans. C

Q.61. Sensor effectiveness depends on which of the following parameters?

A. Raditation

B. Resistivity

C. Sensitivity

D. All of above

Ans. C

Q.62. Embedded C is :

A. A subset of traditional C

B. An extension of traditional C

C. A subset of traditional C

D. Same as traditional C

Ans. B

Q.63. What is the feeling of competence to cope with life’s challenges and of being worthy of happiness called ?

A. Arrogance

B. Self-esteem

C. Self-efficacy

D. Wishful thinking

Ans. B

Q.64. The process of assessment of the speaker’s content while listening is called _______.

A. Critical listening

B. Dialogic listening

C. Comprehensive listening

D. Systematic listening

Ans. C

Q.65. Iot and cloud computing has what kind of relationship ?

A. Physical

B. Complementary

C. Graphical

D. Coding

Ans. B

Q.66. What is the real example of a smart grid device in IoT?

A. Mobile phone

B. Television

C. Smart Speakers

D. Smart Meters

Ans. D

Q.67. Which of the following helps to collaborate in IoT development ?

A. Physical computing

B. Chemical computing

C. Mechanism

D. Cloud computing

Ans. D

Q.68. Which type of variables are retained for use throughout the program in RAM and not reallocated during program execution ?

A. Automatic

B. Static

C. Dynamic

D. All of these

Ans. B

Q.69. An IoT network is a collection of _________.

A. Signal

B. Machine to machine

C. Interconnected

D. Network

Ans. C

Q.70. _________ allow data processing close to device.

A. Edge Computing

B. Cloud Computing

C. Fog Computing

D. Grid Computing

Ans. A

Q.71. Which one is not Leading Cloud Services for IoT Deployments ?


B. IBM Waston

C. Microsoft Azure

D. Google Drive

Ans. D

Q.72. The stress management technique based on mental exercise which to produce the relaxation response :

A. Autogenic Technique

B. Eating

C. Sleeping

D. Medicine intake

Ans. A

Q.73. What are Arduino Codes are referred to ?

A. Sketches

B. Drawings

C. Links

D. Notes

Ans. A

Q.74. The Atmega 168 is an ______bit chip.

A. 32

B. 64

C. 8

D. 16

Ans. C

Q.75. Which of the following is used to upload the Arduino Sketches to the board ?

A. Avrgcc

B. G++

C. Cpython

D. Avrdude

Ans. D

Q.76. The advantages of using functions is ________.

A. Partition larger task into smaller tasks

B. Code reusability

C. Manage complexity

D. All of these

Ans. D

Q.77. Mr. Rahul is seeking feedback after completing and implementing his project. This act represents:

A. Time-Management

B. Self-Awareness

C. Gratitude

D. Self-Love

Ans. B

Q.78. What is the use of the Interrupt Service Routine in an Arduino ?

A. To boot up the Arduino

B. To exit any code that is running

C. To automatic functions

D. To make more memory

Ans. C

Q.79. How many analog pins are used in Arduino Mega board ?

A. 12

B. 16

C. 8

D. 14

Ans. B

Q.80. Which of the following is used to capture data from the physical world in IoT devices ?

A. Sensors

B. Actuators

C. Microprocessors

D. Microcontrollers

Ans. A

Q.81. How many times does the setup() function run on every startup of the Arduino System ?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 2

D. 1

Ans. D

Q.82. Which one of the most discussed challenge in IoT?

A. Standard

B. Security

C. Regulation

D. Internet

Ans. B

Q.83. What is the correct execution process of an Arduino code ?

A. Preprocessor->Editor->Compiler

B. Editor->Preprocessor->Compiler

C. Compiler->Preprocessor->Editor

D. Editor->Compiler->Preprocessor

Ans. B

Q.84. What will be the output of the following code ?

#include <stdio.h>

Void solve(){

Char ch[5] =”abcde”;

Int ans = 0;

For(int i = 0; i<5; i++) {

Ans +=(ch[i] –‘a’.);


Printf(“%d”, ans);


Int main() {


Return 0;


A. 5

B. 20

C. 40

D. 10

Ans. D

Q.85. How are multiline comments denoted in Embedded C ?

A. ##

B. /**/

C. %%

D. //

Ans. B

Q.86. What type of signal does the analogWrite() function output ?

A. Pulse Code Modulated Signal

B. Frequency Modulated Signal

C. Pulse Width Modulated Signal

D. Pulse Amplitude Modulated Signal

Ans. C

Q.87. What is the effect of performing AND operation of R with 0xFE ?

A. Setting a selected bit of R

B. Clearing a selected bit of R

C. Complement selected bit of R

D. None of these

Ans. A

Q.88. Major Component of IoT is/are __________.

A. Sensors

B. Actuators

C. Smart Applications

D. All of the Above

Ans. D

Q.89. During embedded design, which design considers both hardware and software ?

A. Memory Design

B. Software / hardware Design

C. Platform-based Design

D. Peripheral Design

Ans. B

Q.90. Which memory storage is widely used in Embedded System ?



C. Flash memory


Ans. B

Q.91. LDR sensor works on the principle of :

A. Resistivity

B. Photoconductivity

C. Conductivity

D. Both (A) and (C)

Ans. B

Q.92. What is the use of the IR sensor ?

A. Humidity Detection

B. Image Processing

C. Object Detection


Ans. C

Q.93. Which of the following is the property of embedded C language ?

A. Hardware independent

B. Used for web applications

C. Used with limited resources

D. Used for native development

Ans. C

Q.94. What will be the output of the following Arduino code ?

Void main() {

Int k = 0;

Double d = 10.21;

Printf(“%lu”, sizeof(k+d));


A. 10.21

B. 8

C. Null

D. 23

Ans. B

Q.95. A set of homogenous data stored in consecutive memory locations is called :

A. List

B. Structure

C. Array

D. Union

Ans. C

Q.96. Prediction the output of the following code if the object is moving towards the sensor.

Int op = 6;

Int isBarrier = HIGH;

Void setup() {

pinMode(op, INPUT);



Void loop() {

isBarrier = digitalRead(op);

if (isBarrier == LOW) {









A. Clear+clear+1+1

B. 1+1+clear+1

C. 1+1+clear+clear

D. Clear+clear+clear+clear

Ans. A

Q.97. How should the tone of a speaker be like ?

A. Loud

B. Clear

C. Low

D. Soft

Ans. B

Q.98. Which of the following process is used to keep track of user’s activity ?

A. Authentication

B. Authoring

C. Authorization

D. Accounting

Ans: D

Q.99. Which of the following prevents someone from denying the accessed resource ?

A. Accounting

B. Non-repudiation

C. Sniffing

D. Authorization

Ans. B

Q.100. While presenting using projectors, information line can be revealed by using an ______sheet to over the _______.

A. Transparent, slide

B. Translucent, transparency

C. Opaque, flip chart

D. Opaque, transparency

Ans. D

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