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Libreoffice Impress shortcut keys

Function Keys for LibreOffice Impress

Shortcut Keys Effect

F2 Edit text.

F3 Edit group.

Ctrl+F3 Exit group.

Shift+F3 Duplicate

F4 Position and Size

F5 View Slide Show.

Ctrl+Shift+F5 Navigator

F7 Spellcheck

Ctrl+F7 Thesaurus

F8 Edit Points.

Ctrl+Shift+F8 Fit text to frame.

F11 Styles and Formatting

Shortcut Keys in Slide Shows

Shortcut Keys Effect

Esc End presentation.

Alt+Page Down Go to next slide without playing effects.

Alt+Page Up Go to the previous slide without playing effects.

Home Jump to first slide in the slide show.

End Jump to the last slide in the slide show.

Ctrl +Page Up Go to the previous slide.

Ctrl +Page Down Go to the next slide.

Shortcut Keys in the Normal View

Shortcut Keys Effect

Plus(+) Key Zoom in.

Minus(-) Key Zoom out.

Shift+Ctrl+G Group selected objects.

Ctrl + click Enter a group, so that you can edit the individual objects of the group. Click outside the group to return to the normal view.

Shift+Ctrl+K Combine selected objects.

Shift+Ctrl+K Split selected object. This combination only works on an object that was created by combining two or more objects.

Shortcut Keys for LibreOffice Impress

Shortcut Keys Effect

Arrow key Moves the selected object or the page view in the direction of the arrow.

Ctrl+Arrow Key Move around in the page view.

Shift + drag Constrains the movement of the selected object horizontally or vertically.

Ctrl + drag Hold down Ctrl and drag an object to create a copy of the object.

Alt key+click Select the object behind the currently selected object.

Alt+Shift+click Select the object in front of the currently selected object.

Shift+click Select adjacent items or a text passage. Click at the start of a selection, move to the end of the selection, and then hold down Shift while you click.

Shift+Tab Select objects in the reverse order in which they were created.

Escape Exit current mode.

Enter Activate a placeholder object in a new presentation.

Ctrl+Enter Moves to the next text object on the slide.

PageUp Switch to the previous slide. No function on the first slide.

PageDown Switch to the next slide. No function on the last slide.

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