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London to Goa

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Revel in a Fascinating Tour to India’s Beach Capital, Goa!

Indisputably, Goa is an incredible as well as one of the most bewitching holiday spots of not only India but also the world, catching the fancy of millions of vacationers from all nooks and corners of the planet. Every year a large number of trippers wend their way to this miraculous terrain which boasts an irresistible charm and aura.

Needless to say, it has singled out to be a preferred hotspot for many who hail with a view to soak up its dynamism and relish its aura in their spirits. More to the point, there would be hardly a person who has not dreamed to pop in superlative Goa at least once in his lifetime and, without a doubt, once explored, it will exert a pull on you over and over again with its tempting appeal and myriads sensations.

Mesmerizing trinkets Globally famous for eye-catching and dazzling beaches, this exquisite destination gives rise to an intriguing, soothing and pleasurable ambience that works wonders and casts a magical spell on the minds of vacationers and backpackers alike. Goa is also popularly renowned and recognized as the destination of sun, surf, sand and sea, bestowing awesome moments for fun and relaxation and is blessed with such a magnetic zing which cannot be uttered in words!

However, Goa is not all about gorgeous palm-fringed beaches, there is a lot more here that would thrill you to the fullest. Enjoyable Goa Carnival which is an enchanting fiesta of unlimited exuberance andmerriment, breathtaking sights, strikingmonuments like magnificent temples, splendid churches, beautiful palaces, impressive forts and much, much more! Goa has it all!

Distinctive and hypnotic character It can be said without any contradiction that the beaches of Goa offer an unwinding and cheerful feel accompanied by agreeable climate, tweeting of birds and pacifying murmuringwaves, all combined to create an unrivaled charisma and enthrallment. In fact, this destination is so vibrant and lovely that you can spend more than a week chilling out and relaxing your senses along the beaches, sopping up sun.

The dramatic land is blessed with a lot of superb breaks in terms of dinning, leisure, shopping and amusement. What is more, if beaches and awe-inspiring natural views are your cup of tea, Goa is just an ideal spot for you to go with elegant beaches, fun and frolic,arresting lure of Goa carnivals, scores of enticing andpictorial settings and so on! An enrapturing paradise for couples and newlyweds! Needless to say, with such overwhelming and tremendous temptations, it has become a celebrated hotspot for wedding as well as honeymoon. In reality, Goa is among the best and most sought after romantic retreats in the whole of India and no other place has the vigor to beat its zest and spice. This romantic oasis serves as a perfect gateway for those who crave for beach weddings, as spellbinding beaches here are simply great or rather irresistible for the same.

Airlines that fly to Goa

Jet Airways, Air India, Qatar Airways and Oman Air are mot popular airlines which fly to Goa from London

Best Time to Visit to Goa: Goa is endowed with 10 duration of sunlight every day, and average temperature ranges between 25 and 30 levels C. While Goa certainly won't be for people who don't like the sun, May is most popular 30 days of the season and a well-known a opportunity to check out. Inexpensive air travel to Goa are not common, but the price of your air travel should be cheaper between Oct and Apr. The climate is a little bit more bearable and more activities occur. In Feb you can see the Meals and Lifestyle Event, which is focused on traditional Native indian food. Dec serves Sun burn, a electronic dancing and music event and even has some of the world's best DJs.

Cheap Time to Visit to Goa:

While cheap air travel to Goa are normally found from Oct to Apr, it has been well-known to check out during the monsoon season. It starts to build up in This summer and operates through until Sept, This summer being the rainiest 30 days of the season. Many visitors are rushing to achieve this excessive climate so you might discover your air travel to Goa more expensive. Its recommended not to travel during the monsoon season as it can be more dangerous as the climate does get very excessive.

Why fly to Goa


Favourite and well-known Goan delicacies meals consist of seafood curry with grain, chicken recipes such as sorpotel, chaurico, xacuti, and vindaloo, veggie stew khatkhate and versions of dosa and idli such as Amboli, Polle and Sannas. Bebinca is a sweet favorite, while Feni is the most well-known liquor in Goa.


Goa’s lifestyle is an original combination of Konkani, Religious, Hindu and Colonial, societies. Celebrations such as Easter time, Chavoth, Shigmo, Eid, Xmas, Diwali and the New Year and the popular Goan Circus are recognized with equivalent passion and passion. Locations such as Our ancestors Goa Town Installation, the Goa State Museum and the Naval Aircraft Museum display the lifestyle of a condition.

Water sport: If the ists want to enjoy the water sport then the Baga beach is the best place for the water sports activities.

Wildlife: To explore the wildlife sanctuaries or national parks, you can visit Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuaries and Mollem National park.

Panjim: situated on the banks of Mandovi River. The top places of PANJIM are-Miramar Beach, Science Centre and an outdoor park etc. Maruti Temple is another superlative place to visit because it is dedicated to God Hanuman.

Beaches: For the honeymooners there are many beaches where they can take a walk on the bank of the sea and enjoy the waves of Arabian Sea.

Delicious Dishes: Goa is also famous for its ample choices of dishes which include sea food, continental & Chinese etc.

So plan your next vacation To Goa as Goa always welcome its ist with enthusiastically and take care of all your needs to make your trip unforgettable.

History and Architecture

Goa has two world culture sites – the Basilica of Bom Christ and the Old Goa convents and chapels. Some significant structural wonders consist of St. Cajetan Cathedral, Shanta Durga Temple, Se Cathedral and the many mansions across Goa.


The many open marketplaces in Goa are the where you can shop for summer time outfits, caps, neckties, ornaments, gifts, shoes, and even liquor.

Places to Visit

Goa seashores such as Anjuna, Calangute, and Palolem are must-visits. Apart from chapels, other areas to see consist of the many gambling homes in Goa, Old Goa, Bat Isle, Dona Paula, and Dudhsagar Drops.

Goa climate

Goa has a hot and moist environment for most of the season. Temperature ranges come down a little bit during the cold months months months season.

FAQ for London to Goa Flights

Q. How many flights fly from London to Goa on the daily basis?

Ans: Around 91 flights are flying daily from London to Goa. Out of which 91 are connecting flights on this route. Some major airlines between this route are Air India , Ethiopian Airlines , Turkish Airlines , Ukraine International , Oman Air , Guinee Airlines , Ryan Air Dublin , Virgin Atlantic Airways , Etihad Airways and Kuwait Airways .

Q.Which airline has maximum number for flights between London to Goa?

Ans: Out of 91 daily flights between London to Goa Air India has maximum 45 flights. After that Vistara has 20 , Qatar Airways has 15 , British Airways has 6 , Oman Air has 2 , Virgin Atlantic Airways has 2 flights between London to Goa.

Q.When does the last Oman-Air Airlines flight leave from London to Goa?

Ans: The last Oman-Air Airline is flight from London to Goa leaves at 20:50 PM.

Q.How much time does it take for the Oman-Air Airlines to fly from London to Goa?

Ans: The Oman-Air Airlines takes 6 hours to fly from London to Goa.

Q.Which are the popular international sectors served by the Oman-Air Airlines?

Ans: The top international sectors served by the Oman-Air Airlines are from Dubai to Kozhikode.

Q.Which are popular hotels to stay in Goa?

Ans: The best-rated hotels in Goa are Devaaya-Ayurveda-&-Nature-Cure-Centre.

Q.Which are the top airlines that fly from London to Goa?

Ans: The top airlines operating from London to Goa are Oman-Air.

Q.How many flights are operated from London to Goa in a day?

Ans: There are a total of 4 numbers of flights operating from London to Goa in a day.

Q.How many airports are there in Goa?

Ans: There's one airport in Goa: Goa.

Q.How long does it take to fly from London to Goa?

Ans: 9h 5min is the average flight time from London to Goa.

Q.How many airlines fly direct from London to Goa?

Ans: There are 3 airlines that fly direct from London to Goa.

Q.When does the first flight leave from London to Goa?

Ans: The first flight from London to Goa is Air India LX321 at 06:00. The other morning flights from London to Goa are Air India AF321 @ 06:25, Vistara AF321 @ 06:25 , Air India TK321 @ 07:05 , Qatar Airways QR77W @ 08:00 , Qatar Airways BA77W @ 08:00 .

Q.Which is the last flight on London to Goa route?

Ans: The last flight from London to Goa route is Air India TK321 at 22:35. Before this last flight other evening London to Goa flights are Egyptair MS73H @ 22:30 , Vistara EK388 @ 22:00 , Vistara EK388 @ 22:00 , Qatar Airways BA77W @ 21:55 , Qatar Airways QR77W @ 21:55 .

Q.Which is the cheapest airline on London to Goa flight route?

Ans: Air India offers the cheapest flights from London to Goa.

Q.Which are the most preferred airlines from London to Goa?

Ans: Air India, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ukraine International are the most preferred airlines on London to Goa flight route.

Q.What are the name and codes for London and Goa airports?

Ans: The name of London airports are- Heathrow (LHR), London City (LCY), Luton (LTN), Stansted (STN) and Gatwick (LGW) and name of Goa’s Airport is Dabolim Airport, its code is GOI.

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