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London to Islamabad

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Islamabad is Pakistan's capital and situated 9 kilometers from the expansive city of Rawalpindi, the Pakistani investment is an excellent spot to rest and enjoy peaceful housing. Visitors take flights to Islamabad because of its vicinity to Rawalpindi, which allows visitors jump into the big town for touring, or to be a part of some regional delicacies and discover Pakistan's wealthy lifestyle.

The best a chance to check out Islamabad or Rawalpindi is between Nov and May, when the heat relents. Otherwise, strolling in the Margalla Mountains can be difficult and active as a lot of walkers like to be a part of the landscapes during these times. Although the summer time can be extremely hot, it is possible to protected cheap flights to Islamabad such as reasonably priced housing during this period.

As well as the heat range, visitors need to consider the monsoon season; this operates from This summer through to delayed Sept, resulting in huge of rain fall. During March and Apr, the rain fall levels are very low, yet the heat range ranges are nicely warm, at around 25 to 30°C, circumstances are similar during Oct and Nov.

A number of vacations and celebrations are recognized yearly in Islamabad. These are usually connected to the various faiths used within Pakistan. One such example is the event of Eid ul-Fitr which comes at the end of Ramadan. Another wonderful a chance to find flights to Islamabad is during the vacations and celebrations, if you want to involve yourself in genuine Pakistani lifestyle.

Explore Charming and Mesmerizing Touristic Gems of Islamabad!

Pakistan’s spectacular capital, Islamabad can be said to be a sightseer’s bliss and is one of the most sought after holiday spots of the country. On accounts of myriads dazzling and stupendous things to see, it catches the interest of countless backpackers and zealous travelers from all across the globe who explore the beguiling metropolis for relishing plenty temptations and pulls it has to offer! Moreover, scenic gardens and picturesque lakes add to its appeal, drawing visitors’ attention remarkably. Apart from fascinating landscapes, you would not find any lack of beautiful and riveting magnetisms that make must enjoyable part of your tour in Islamabad.

From this perspective, let’s have a look at some acclaimed and celebrated places of interest in the city…

Lok Virsa Museum This is a highly recognized marvel which no visitor to Islamabad should really miss to see. It has been currently refurbished and offers great delight to tourists when explored. Furthermore, it is one of the chief and prime museums of the urban showcasing over 20 huge galleries.

In addition, holidaymakers can see enormous halls devoted to shrines, textile, architecture, romance, musical legacy as well as some ethnic themes. Aside from these, sightseers can discover an extensive selection of jewelry, ivory work, metalwork, embroidered outfits, block printing, woodwork and so on in the museum.

Heritage Reference Library of Museum boasts an extraordinary information gathering in terms of music, olden times, art, etc. of the country’s each religion. What is more, you can also buy books to get acquainted with ethnicity and legacy of the region together with music cassettes for enjoying delightful music in its Sales Centre. Vibrant national happenings are celebrated at Lok Virsa in an impressive way by means of displays, musical performances etc. on traditional cultures.

Rawal Lake It’s currently improved and on its north, trippers can pay a visit to fabulous Lake View Park which is an exquisitely recreational and unwinding charm with wonderful sites for picnics, beautiful gardens, isolated pathways etc. At the present time, it houses a climbing wall, go-kart track as well as aviary.

Take pleasure in boating together with fishing in the lake or terraced garden that offers some quality and enjoyable moments. On Rawal Lake’s south, there is a magnificent and glorious ancient Hindu temple, an arresting park with fine viewpoint in addition to a good eatery. The garden’s highest point rewards an eye-catching pictorial vista of the city. Besides, vacationers can roll about in sundry delightful and enchanting things to do, such as water skating, boating, diving and sailing.

Apart from these, there are a lot of charismatic and breathtaking attractions that knock tourists for six. Also don’t miss to indulge in shopping and tantalizing your taste buds with scrumptious culinary treasures! Islamabad, without a doubt, rewards fantastic breaks for a rejuvenating holiday and is a must visit stopover for any vacationer traveling the country!

Why visit to Islamabad?

Take a plane to Islamabad and check out the loaded with destinations around the area. See the Faisal Mosque which is one of Pakistan's excellent modern works of art, or learn about individuals lifestyle at the Lok Virsa art gallery. Go to a rebuilt Mughal town at Saidpur and see how industry came to Pakistan at the Golra Train Museum.

Another fascination of traditional importance is the traditional town of Taxila. One of Asia's traditional centers, Taxila was frequented by Alexander the Great, and the excavations are a unique screen into the amazing history of the area.

Staying in the area is not all about remains, museums, marketplaces and mosques. There is natural charm to be experienced as well, and you can easily drive up into the Margalla Mountains, which creates for a wonderful have a eat outside spot. On the other hand, the Pond View Recreation area is a amazing position for a night walk.

If the investment is too calm, Rawalpindi is close by and can offer a shot of pleasure to any journey. See a cricket coordinate at Nawaz Sharif Recreation area and shop at the extremely cheap Raja Bazaar before experiencing a food at Castle Road. All of this is 30 minutes from Islamabad.

Getting around city

When you get into the Islamabad city, the area is relatively easy to get around, as it is organized in a lines program. There are plenty of cab companies to choose from, and those in the area have a strong good name for stability and safety. It still is effective organize a stand up before triggering, however. Islamabad is a practical spot to employ a car as well as the lines program creates driving less risky than other Pakistani places.

Public transportation is instantly available in the area, but is often too populated and can be rather slowly to use, although it is inexpensive. A fascinating way to see the destinations is from the back of one of a nearby motorised or pedal-powered rickshaws.

Getting from the airport to the City

The main form of transportation from Benazir Bhutto International airport (ISB) into the area is taxis, as several companies have operated workstations at international airport, although some regional resorts offer taxi services for guests. Anticipate a normal journey to take roughly 30 minutes.

Flights Routes to Islamabad

  • PIA Flights from London to Islamabad via Adelaide

  • Emirates Flights from London to Islamabad via Dubai

  • Qantas Airways Flights from London to Islamabad via Dubai

  • Turkish Flights from London to Islamabad via Istanbul

  • Qatar Flights from London to Islamabad via Doha

  • Singapore Flights from London to Islamabad via Singapore

  • British Airways Flights from London to Islamabad via Doha

  • Etihad Flights from London to Islamabad via Abu Dhabi

  • Saudia Flights from London to Islamabad via JED

  • American Flights from London to Islamabad via Los Angeles

  • Oman Air Flights from London to Islamabad via Muscat

Plan a marvelous trip to Islamabad and get the cheap flight tickets laced with sizzling deals and lucrative offers in every season. Capitalize on our world-class services for making your way to the dynamic urban easily and without any booking hassle.

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