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Mombasa Travel Guide

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Luxuriate In a Memorable Outing in Varied Hypnotic Lures of Mombasa

Appealing calmness and quietude, mesmerizing beaches, murmuring palm trees, energizing and reviving water sports and much, much more characterize the magnificent land of Mombasa. Gorgeous and elegant beaches are one of the main reasons of its being a great holiday destination and invite a multitude of tourists here. A paradise for the vacationers seeking an unwinding and tranquil break, Mombasa also offers marvelous opportunities to adventure lovers and fishing buffs for electrifying water activities. Indeed, the scintillating city is worth every penny and expenses you make while booking air tickets and on accommodation, dining etc. will all be paid-off once you enjoy its glistening delights.

Gedi Ruins

In Mombasa’s North coast on the way to Malindi, you can find Gedi Ruins, a historical ruin which is among ancient ones of the city. Gedi had been made completely of stones and rocks wherein some thousand Swahili folks dwelled. Moreover, an extremely wealthy Sultan ruled this tiny town and its ruins belong to the fifteenth century. However, visitors can even now see many original foundations thanks to the painstaking conservation of the ruins. It is considered good to walk around these ruins with an informed and knowledgeable guide. These have been given the designation of National Museum and carefully preserved so as to maintain the historic and cultural background of the nation.

Mombasa Tusks

These are representative symbols of entering the town’s heart. They had been constructed for commemorating Queen Elizabeth’s visit here during 1950s. Ivory had been regarded a beautiful commodity then and quintessentially, these tusks had been designed for embracing British Empire and Queen Elizabeth in this town. By chance, tusks spell “M” for Mombasa too.

Haller Park

It’s the city’s biggest animal sanctuary that has a wide range of insects, reptiles and animals together with botanic gardens. A nice approach for feasting your eyes on varied creatures is strolling along the trail. Occasionally, visitors can also hold and feed reptiles like snakes but under careful guidance. You can see informative videos as well emphasizing the trail’s past accompanied by its constant development. Earlier, this had been a barren terrain whose resources were taken off by way of limestone mining. Later, it went under redevelopment by replanting and preservation endeavors. As a consequence, this, at the present time, serves as habitation for numerous wildlife species.

Other than the above mentioned charms, there are a lot of captivating and fabulous places of interest that are indeed worth a visit. So, think about Mombasa for your next holiday. It would surely bestow unforgettable memories that you would love to cherish for the rest of your life.

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