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NIELIT CCC Exam July 2022 Practice Test Paper

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Q. What is the width of column in LibreOffice Calc?

(A) .18

(B) .89

(C) 1.2

(D) .72

Ans: B

Q. KYC Full form is?

(A) Know your Customer

(B) Know your Character

(C) Both A and B

(D) None of above

Ans: A

Q. Skype is one of the best.

(A) Web browser

(B) Web server

(C) Internet telephony

(D) Protocol

Ans: C

Q. Selection of text can be?

(A) Single word or line

(B) A paragraph

(C) Entire document

(D) All of Above

Ans: D

Q. Which command is used to reach to the first column in LibreOffice Calc?

(A) Home

(B) Ctrl + Home

(C) Alt + Home

(D) None of Above

Ans: B

Q. Which key is used for the checking spelling?

(A) F3

(B) F5

(C) F9

(D) F7

Ans: D

Q. Which of the following is a type of SSL certificate?

(A) Unified

(B) WildCard

(C) Extended

(D) All of the Above

Ans: D

Q. Maximum space provided by G-mail?

(A) 10gb

(B) 5gb

(C) 15gb

(D) 25gb

Ans: C

Q. An outcome of a computer virus cannot be?

(A) Motherboard Crashed

(B) Fiel erased

(C) Disk crashed

(D) Program corrupted

Ans: A

Q. What’s command for superscript in LibreOffice Writer?

(A) Ctrl + Shift + P

(B) Ctrl + Alt + P

(C) Ctrl + Shift + S

(D) None of Above

Ans: A

Q. QR code means?

(A) Quick response code

(B) Quick receive code

(C) Quick retrieve code

(D) None of above

Ans: A

Q. AutoSpellcheck command in LibreOffice Writer?

(A) Ctrl+F7

(B) Shift+F7

(C) F7

(D) Ctrl+Shift+F7

Ans: B

Q. What’s command for slide show?

(A) F4

(B) F5

(C) F3

(D) F2

Ans: B

Q. What is the full form of DVD?

(A) Digital versatile disk

(B) Digital video disk

(C) Digital versatile device

(D) None of Above

Ans: A

Q.In day, how many maximum transaction limits through BHIM app?

(A) 20000

(B) 40000

(C) 10000

(D) None of Above

Ans: B

Q. Where is main content of e-mail part?

(A) Body

(B) Subject

(C) CC


Ans: A

Q. Means of S in HTTPS?

(A) Secure

(B) Social

(C) Safe

(D) System

Ans: A

Q. BIOS means?

(A) Basically input outside system

(B) Basic input output system

(C) Based in out system

(D) Basic input Output Server

Ans: B

Q. Which command is used to make new directories?

(A) Chdsk

(B) Mkdir

(C) Nwdir

(D) Rmdir

Ans: B

Q. What’s command for select a row of cells in Libre Office?

(A) Ctrl + Space

(B) Shift + Space

(C) Alt + Space

(D) Alt + Shift + =

Ans: B

Q. Operating System manages?

(A) Memory

(B) I/O device

(C) Processor

(D) All of the above

Ans: D

Q. How many reactions are in facebook?

(A) 4

(B) 3

(C) 5

(D) 6

Ans: D

Q. What is the file extension in LibreOffice Writer?

(A) .odt

(B) .ods

(C) .ott

(D) .odp

Ans: A

Q. Most used search engine in China is:

(A) Google

(B) Baidu

(C) Duck Duck go


Ans: B

Q. Where does a header appear in a document?

(A) On the top of each page

(B) On the bottom of each page

(C) On first page only

(D) On last page Only

Ans: A

Q. Which command is used to delete the directory that is empty?

(A) Del

(B) RD

(C) Erase

(D) MD

Ans: B

Q. How many characters send in a tweet?

(A) 165

(B) 135

(C) 140/280

(D) None of the Above