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O Level Python Programming Language (M3R5) book | Notes pdf in Hindi and English

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

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Python Notes in Hindi:

Introduction to Programming and Algorithms & Flowcharts

Introduction to Programming, Algorithms & Flowcharts
Download PDF • 8.64MB

Introduction to Python Chapter 3:

3 chapter
Download PDF • 7.09MB

Operators, Expression and Statement Chapter 4:

chapter 4
Download PDF • 7.39MB

Sequence Date Type Chapter 5:

Download PDF • 8.50MB

Function in Python Chapter 6:

Download PDF • 7.35MB

File Processing Chapter 7:

Download PDF • 4.92MB

Scope and Module:

scope and module
Download PDF • 3.18MB

Numpy Basics Chapter 9:

Download PDF • 4.69MB

Python Programs:

Download PDF • 641KB

Python Complete Notes in English:

Python in English
Download PDF • 56.01MB

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