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Python Program using function to calculate addition, substraction, multiplication and division

def add(a,b):

print("Addition of two numbers", a+b)

def sub(a,b):

print("Subtraction of Two numbers",a-b)

def mul(a,b):

print("Multiplication of two numbers", a*b)

def div(a,b):

print("Division of two numbers",a/b)

x=int(input("Enter first numbers: "))

y=int(input("Enter Second numbers: "))






Enter first numbers: 5

Enter Second numbers: 8

Addition of two numbers 13

Subtraction of Two numbers -3

Multiplication of two numbers 40

Division of two numbers 0.625

To check even or odd number using function

def even(a):

if a%2==0:

print("Number is even")


print("Number is odd")

x=int(input("Enter a Number: "))



Enter a Number: 12

Number is even

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