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Python Programming Language MCQ (M3R5) book | Note PDF in Hindi and English

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Introduction to Programming and Algorithms & Flowcharts to Solve Problems Note with MCQ

Download PDF • 2.21MB

Introduction to Python Notes with MCQ

introduction to python3
Download PDF • 4.58MB

Operators, Expressions and Python Statements With MCQ

Download PDF • 6.68MB

Sequence Data Type with MCQ:

sequence of data
Download PDF • 5.40MB

Function with MCQ:

Download PDF • 7.37MB

File Processing with MCQ:

file processing
Download PDF • 2.15MB

Scope and Modules with MCQ:

scope and modules8
Download PDF • 1.75MB

Numpy Bascis with MCQ:

Download PDF • 3.32MB

Python Programs for Practical:

Download PDF • 2.34MB

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