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What is window NT? What are its features?

Microsoft window NT (New Technology) is a multi user, time sharing operating system developed by MS. There are actually two version of window NT. One is window NT server which is designed to act as a server in the networks and second is window NT work station for stand alone or client work station. Window NT work station can function either as client or they can be part of a peer to peer network such as work grow.

The main features of window NT include following:

a) Window NT native interface in a GUI (Graphical User Interface).

b) It supports multi programming and is design to take advantage of multi processing on system.

c) It has built in networking and communication feature so that any computer with window NT can be made as network client or server.

d) Window NT provides strict system security.

e) Its design is the based on a micro kernel so that it can be easily ported to many different types of machine and its feature can be easily enhanced by user.

f) It was design to support more than one application programming interface (API).

g) It is a true 32 bit operating system in the sense that it can make full use of 32 bit architecture of processor, memory and I/O bus.

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