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How will install and share a printer?

There are following steps to install and share a printer:

a) Log on to window NT work station as an account with administrative permissions on that work station.

b) Open the printer folder by going to the start button, settings and printers.

c) Double click the add printer wizard.

d) Leave the default of my computer and click on the next.

e) Click enable printer pooling and then click LPT2 and LPT3.

f) From the list of printer, select HP laser jet for on the right click next.

g) For the printer name, types my printer.

h) When prompted to share printer, click the shared radio button. Do not share printer with other operating system.

i) When prompted to print a text page, select number.

j) Click finish. When prompted, enter the path to the window anti work station installation files.

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Eliza Bala
Eliza Bala
Apr 27, 2021

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