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PowerPoint Presentation

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

PowerPoint Presentation

Power point is a very powerful presentation graphics software package. It has set new standards for the working of presentation graphics. Power point helps us in bringing ideas and information that we want to express to our audience with no difficulty.

We use PPT in business, to make slide representation application, to ready graphical things by animation, and provide training in business. The extension of power point is .ppt.

To Make New Presentation:

We make a new presentation with different types which are below:

1. Auto Content Wizard: It provides a new presentation with things, purpose, style, design. A new presentation has text like a model so we replace this text according to your requirement. i.e. we replace this text with our text which are needed.

2. Design Template: We make a new presentation on based to power point design template to ready by MS.

3. Blank Presentation: We can take a blank presentation and edit this presentation according to our requirement. After choosing blank presentation we choose a slide layout.

Uses of Power Point Package:

Presentations: We can make presentation in the form of slides, handouts or speaker’s notes.

Slides: Slides are individual pages of presentation. It may contain text, graphs, clipart etc.

Handouts: Handouts consist of printed versions of our slides two, three, or six slide per page.

Feature of a good presentation packages:

The most important thing to remember as we build our presentations which are below:

1. Limit our bullet paragraphs to a few selected words.

2. We should be taken five and six slide in good presentation.

3. We should use a few text levels as possible.

4. Keep points short and direct.

5. Include key words, not long and explanatory sentences.

The presentation packages perform the following roles in education:

1. The presentation packages are used to develop study material in the form of slides. These slides are arranged in a presentation which is informative, interesting and easy to understand. Presenting information in this way is helpful in better understanding and interpreting the study materials and notes for the students as well as for the teachers.

2. These packages form a bridge between the teachers and students through presentation which include comprehensive notes using tables, charts, texts, videos, audio clips and animations.

3. Some data can b presented visually in the presentation using graphics, photos and videos of schools, colleges, classes, students, teachers, seminars and educational activities.

PowerPoint Views:

Power Point provides four types view to look our presentation. Each view enables us to work on a different feature of the presentation. The changes made in one view are also reflected in all other views.

1. Normal View

2. Slide Sorter View

3. Notes page View

4. Slide Show View

Normal View: Normal view is the main editing view where we write and design our presentation. This view is called general view. Normal view is that view which shows the slide in that form. The view has four working areas:

· Outline Tab

· Slide Tab

· Slide Pane

· Notes Pane

Slide Sorter View: The slide sorter view is a view of our slides in thumbnail form. In this view we can see the design consistency and the flow of our presentation.

Notes Page view: This view helps us to prepare the speaker notes used while we are making the presentation to our audience. It produces a smaller version of the slide on the top part of a page and leaves the lower part free for notes.

Slide Show View: This view of Power point shows the progress of the presentation from slide to side. In this view all menus, toolbars, rulers, the status bar, scrollbars and the windows taskbar are removed from the screen.

Layout in MS PowerPoint:

MS Power Point is favorite powerful software which is developed by Microsoft. We make a presentation with helps of this software. There are following layout in power point.

1. Title Slide: This type of slide gets in different form like title slide, title only, title and text, title and two content text.

2. Content Layout slide: If we are select content layout in MS Power Point then we get different layout like two content, comparison, and content with caption.

3. Section Header: We use section header for dividing slide in different portion.

4. Picture with Caption Slide: We insert a picture by this layout.

5. Blank Slide: We use blank slide whenever we make a new slide.

Objects in MS PowerPoint

There are different types of object in Power Point which are below.

1. Text Object: We can add text in slide by help it.

2. Graphics Object: We can add image in slide by help it.

3. Sound Object: We can add sound clip in any slide by help it.

4. Movie Object: We can add movie clip in any slide by help it.

5. Auto shapes object: We can take any readymade pictures in any slide by help it.

6. Hyperlink Object: We can add hyperlink in any slide by help it.

Benefits of MS Powerpoint

1. To make a slide of business application presentation.

2. To make graphical things by animation.

3. We make a artificial slide by art gallery in general used.

4. We use the powerpoint presentation for providing training in business.

Slide transition in PPT :

There are following steps for transition in slide:

1. Select the slide we want to add a transition effect.

2. Click the animations tab. In the transition to this slide group, click transition schema down arrow and then select the effect that will be applied during the slide show.

3. To set the slide transition speed in the transition to this group, click the arrow next to transition speed and then select the speed that we want. We can choose speed of transition from slow, medium or fast.

4. If we apply to all slides, click apply to all in the transition to this slide group.

5. Select the sound option to give sound transitions to our slide show from the sound drop down list in the transition to this slide group.

6. The advance section has two options for transition:

  • On mouse click check box- If we want the transition to take place on clicking the mouse.

  • Automatically after- In this case the transition takes place automatically after the time we specify in the seconds box.

7. After apply all options we can see the effect in the slide show. Click the slide show tab, in the start slide show group, click from beginning icon. Click the next button to go to the next slide.

How to add Custom animation in PowerPoint slide?

There are following steps for adding custom animation in slide

1. We create a blank slide and type some text and object in this slide.

2. To select the text or object.

3. Click on slide show menu and after it we select custom animation.

4. We see a task pane of custom animation.

5. We click on add effect and get different types of effect like Entrance, Emphasis, Exit a Motion Path.

Entrance: If we want to add effect on entering text and object then we use the entrance effect.

Emphasis: If we want to add effect on text or object of any slide then we use the emphasis.

Exit: If we out from any slide then want to add effect on slide we use exit.

Motion Path: We can give motion in direction by using this effect.

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