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Web Browser Questions and Answers

Q1. Which is not a search engine?

A. Opera

B. Bing

C. Google

D. Yahoo

Ans: A

Q2. Which is the first web browser in the world?

A. Gopher

B. Wolrd wide web

C. Yahoo

D. Netscape Navigator

Ans: B

Q3. Which is not a web browser?

A. Chrome

B. Google

C. Opera

D. Internet Explorer

Ans: B

Q4. What is the short cut key is used to invoke the file menu in the Internet Explorer 11?

A. Alt+F4

B. Shift+F

C. Alt+F

D. Ctrl+F4

Ans: C

Q5. What is the Internet Explorer?

A. News Reader

B. Graphics Package

C. Web Browser

D. None

Ans: C

Q6. What is the shortcut key to open a new tab in google chrome?

A. Ctrl+T

B. Ctrl+K

C. Ctrl+N

D. Ctrl+S

Ans: A

Q7. Internet Explorer was launched in….

A. 1987

B. 1995

C. 2002

D. 1990

Ans: B

Q8. Which Application is used for taking information from Internet?

A. Operating

B. Web Browser

C. MS Word

D. System software

Ans: B

Q9. Which of the following is a browser?

A. Linux

B. Google

C. Safari

D. None of Above

Ans: C

Q10. To view information on website through which

A. Cable Modem

B. Web browser


D. Facebook

Ans: B

Q11. Which is graphical web browser developed by Apple?

A. Safari

B. Firefox

C. Chrome

D. Eadge

Ans: A

Q12. Which of following web browser is developed by MicroSoft?

A. Edge

B. Chrome

C. Firefox

D. Netscape Navigator

Ans: A

Q13. Which shortcut key used to full screen in Google chrome?

A. F11

B. F5

C. F10

D. F2

Ans: A

Q14. What is the first step to see any website after open the browser?

A. To type website address in browser address bar

B. To refresh the window

C. To click on the back button

D. To open the internet browser setting

Ans: A

Q15. What is the shortcut key for bookmark the current page in Goolge Chrome?

A. Ctrl+D

B. Ctrl+B

C. Ctrl+Shift+B

D. Ctrl+Shift+K

Ans: A

Q16. Firefox Web browser is developed by

A. Apple


C. Mozilla Corporation

D. Google

Ans: C

Q17. The feature that fills up forms etc automatically with pre set values is called…………..

A. Filter

B. Auto Fill

C. Fill UP

D. None

Ans: B

Q18. Blog is developed which word

A. Web Login

B. Basic Login

C. Weblog

D. None

Ans: C

Q19. What is Applet?

A. Program that can be embedded in another application

B. A tag in HTML

C. A security protocol

D. None

Ans: A

Q20. Client side scripting refers to the class of computer program on the web that are executed client side by


B. Website

C. Web Browser

D. None

Ans: C

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