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What is multimedia and Use of multimedia in education and entertainment?

Updated: Feb 24


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Multimedia is an advanced technology that facilitates integration of text, data, image, graphics, audio, video animation in digital form. It provides new ways to enhance the delivery of information and its impact on the user. Multimedia is information displayed in picture/sound form and it does not include plain text exclusively. Thus it includes pictures, audio and video which are captured and digitized by input devices to get the information ready for manipulation by the computer.

In other word we can say that Multimedia is a combination of text, graphics, audio and video. It is a new trend in one computer science because it combines different media in one computer application, it is called multimedia. This enables the computer to be used as an entertainment and educational tool besides just a business tool.

Computer stores multimedia information in a variety of standard formats. We can display multimedia information on output devices.

Text: Text is one of the most important parts of multimedia. The design and content of multimedia text are different from other types of texts like newspaper and book text.

Graphics: Pictures, photographic, images and other artwork are called graphics. Computer graphics deal with the generation, representation, manipulation and display of pictures with the help of a computer. Graphics is one of the most important components of multimedia because by it we can illustrate information in picture form.

There are two types of graphics

1. Line drawing

2. Images

1. Line Drawing Graphics: Line drawing graphics lie in the form of 2D and 3D pictures using mathematical representation of simple objects like lines, circles, arcs etc. The area of computer graphics that deals with this type of picture is known as generative graphics.

2. Images Graphics: In this graphics photographs composed of a collection of pixels, which are arranged in 2 D matrix. The area of computer graphics that deals with this type of pictures is called cognitive graphics.

Animation: Animation is one of the most dynamic forms of multimedia. An animation is created by recording a series of still image of drawings, objects, people etc. Animation consists of a series of drawings or photographs on paper that viewed with a mechanical device through a hand held sequence of images.

Audio: Audio is Speech, music and other types of sounds. Audio element is used to improve the normal multimedia environment.

Video: Video is display the sequence of images with recording. Each human being image in sequence is called a frame.

Use of multimedia in education:

  • Multimedia has a huge impact on education.

  • Many college or schools use different types of computer based teaching software based on multimedia.

  • It is not necessary that teacher is available in class.

  • Students in engineering colleges use interactive multimedia presentations to learn the basics of electronic, implement test and manipulate the circuit they design on a computer.

  • Training/classroom multimedia, appropriately known as CBT (Computer Based Training/Tutorials) uses multimedia technology to teach academic curriculum.

Use of multimedia in Entertainment:

  • Entertainment and media industry are benefitted by multimedia technology. Images, animation and sound are broadly used for creation animation movies.

  • A computer is broadly used by musicians to record, edit and mix sounds.

  • It is used to entertainment CDs, games, comics and stories for children.

  • Video and entertainment films are formed using computers and stored on CD-ROM. Music can also be stored on CDs and played using multimedia software package such as media player etc.

  • Some of the techniques commonly used for creating video films for different purposes like video editing, mixing and 3D animation.

Multimedia Application in Marketing:

Multmedia is used for sales and marketing in different type field which are below:

  • Information directory

  • Reservations

  • Buyer Guide

  • Interactive Catalogs

  • Merchandising -point of purpose

  • Advertising

  • Product/Sales promotions

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