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O Level Web designing and Publishing (M2R5) Practice Set 2023

1. Which one of the following is not used to generate daiming web page?



C. ASP.Net


Answer: (D)

2. WWW is based on his modal.

A. Local server

B. Client server

C. 3 tier


Answer: (B)

3. Which language is used two scripted?

A. ASP.Net


C. Java


Answer: (A)

4. Extesion of word pad file.

A. .doc

B. .tex

C. .txt


Answer: (D)

5. Sublime text editors do not support to.

A. Syntax highlight

B. Auto completion

C. Mail merge

D.Macro facility

Answer: (C)

6. Default text editors of window operating system.

A. Note pad

B. Paint

C. Word pad

D.Note pad++

Answer: (A)

7. Which tag insert a line horizantally on over web page.

A. <line>

B. <hr>

C. <br>

D.None of them

Answer: (B)

8. Which of the following tag does not required a closing tag?

A. <br>

B. <hr>

C. Both(A)and(B)

D.None of above

Answer: (C)

9. Which of the following is chreate about HTML?

A. HTML uses user defined tags.

B. HTML uses user tag defined with him the language.

C. Both(a)and(b)

D.None of above

Answer: (B)

10. How are the quotationes defind is html?

A. <quate>

B. <block>

C. <block quate>

D.None of above

Answer: (C)

11. What is the character html for adding a background color?

A. <body color = “yellow”>

B. <body colour = “yellow”>

C. <background>yellow</background>

D.<body background = “yellow”>

Answer: (A)

12. When we write <img src = “rajesh.png”>what “img.png” inside double. Quote implies

A. Element

B. Attribute

C. Operator


Answer: (D)

13. How to select an element whose name is exam than define the class?

A. #exam

B. * exam

C. . exam

D.– exam

Answer: (C)

14. What type of css is the following code <h1 style = “color:blue”> o leve </h1>

A. Inline

B. External

C. Internal


Answer: (A)

15. The html attribute used to define the inline style.

A. Class

B. Style

C. Styles


Answer: (B)

16. The html attribute used to define the internal style sheet.

A. Style

B. <style>

C. Link


Answer: (B)

17. which of the following property is used as the short hand property for the padding properties?

A. Padding left

B. Padding right

C. Padding

D.All of the above

Answer: (C)

18. The css property is used to drow a line around the element outside the border.

A. Border

B. line

C. Padding


Answer: (D)

19. which css property is used to add shadow to the text.

A. Text shadow

B. Text strok

C. Text overflow

D.Text decoration

Answer: (B)

20. Which of the following selector select sibling?

A. E.class

B. *

C. E ~ F

D.E1 F1G

Answer: (C)

21. Which class used to write the text in center of image?

A. W3 display center

B. W3 displaytop center

C. W3 displaymidle

D.W3 displaybottom midle

Answer: (C)

22. W3 – col define the number of coloum have in the 12 colum system.

A. True

B. False

Answer: (A)

23. Which class is the perfect class to display notes and information.

A. W3grid

B. W3card

C. W3 round


Answer: (D)

24. Which class to write bordered shadow for displaying paper like cards.

A. W3grid

B. W3card

C. W3 round

D.W3 ­panel

Answer: (B)

25. To position the text in an image class is used in w3.css style.

A. W3display classis

B. W3 display image

C. W3display style

D.W3display elements

Answer: (A)