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O Level Web designing and Publishing (M2R5) Practice Set 2023

Updated: Mar 23

1. Which one of the following is not used to generate daiming web page?



C. ASP.Net


Answer: (D)

2. WWW is based on his modal.

A. Local server

B. Client server

C. 3 tier


Answer: (B)

3. Which language is used two scripted?

A. ASP.Net


C. Java


Answer: (A)

4. Extesion of word pad file.

A. .doc

B. .tex

C. .txt


Answer: (D)

5. Sublime text editors do not support to.

A. Syntax highlight

B. Auto completion

C. Mail merge

D.Macro facility

Answer: (C)

6. Default text editors of window operating system.

A. Note pad

B. Paint

C. Word pad

D.Note pad++

Answer: (A)

7. Which tag insert a line horizantally on over web page.

A. <line>

B. <hr>

C. <br>

D.None of them

Answer: (B)

8. Which of the following tag does not required a closing tag?

A. <br>

B. <hr>

C. Both(A)and(B)

D.None of above

Answer: (C)

9. Which of the following is chreate about HTML?

A. HTML uses user defined tags.

B. HTML uses user tag defined with him the language.

C. Both(a)and(b)

D.None of above

Answer: (B)

10. How are the quotationes defind is html?

A. <quate>

B. <block>

C. <block quate>

D.None of above

Answer: (C)

11. What is the character html for adding a background color?

A. <body color = “yellow”>

B. <body colour = “yellow”>

C. <background>yellow</background>

D.<body background = “yellow”>

Answer: (A)

12. When we write <img src = “rajesh.png”>what “img.png” inside double. Quote implies

A. Element

B. Attribute

C. Operator


Answer: (D)

13. How to select an element whose name is exam than define the class?

B. * exam

C. . exam

D.– exam

Answer: (C)

14. What type of css is the following code <h1 style = “color:blue”> o leve </h1>

A. Inline

B. External

C. Internal


Answer: (A)

15. The html attribute used to define the inline style.

A. Class

B. Style

C. Styles


Answer: (B)

16. The html attribute used to define the internal style sheet.

A. Style

B. <style>

C. Link


Answer: (B)

17. which of the following property is used as the short hand property for the padding properties?

A. Padding left

B. Padding right

C. Padding

D.All of the above

Answer: (C)

18. The css property is used to drow a line around the element outside the border.

A. Border

B. line

C. Padding


Answer: (D)

19. which css property is used to add shadow to the text.

A. Text shadow

B. Text strok

C. Text overflow

D.Text decoration

Answer: (B)

20. Which of the following selector select sibling?

A. E.class

B. *

C. E ~ F

D.E1 F1G

Answer: (C)

21. Which class used to write the text in center of image?

A. W3 display center

B. W3 displaytop center

C. W3 displaymidle

D.W3 displaybottom midle

Answer: (C)

22. W3 – col define the number of coloum have in the 12 colum system.

A. True

B. False

Answer: (A)

23. Which class is the perfect class to display notes and information.

A. W3grid

B. W3card

C. W3 round


Answer: (D)

24. Which class to write bordered shadow for displaying paper like cards.

A. W3grid

B. W3card

C. W3 round

D.W3 ­panel

Answer: (B)

25. To position the text in an image class is used in w3.css style.

A. W3display classis

B. W3 display image

C. W3display style

D.W3display elements

Answer: (A)

26. J.S is design or following purpose.

A. To style html page

B. To purform server side in scripting server

C. To execute qurry related to DB on server

D.To add enter activity to html pages.

Answer: (D)

27. Which type of J.S language is?

A. Object oriented

B. Object based

C. Assembly language

D.High level

Answer: (D)

28. The output of following JS code.

var r = 5 , y = 1

var obj = {x:10}





A. 1

B. 10

C. 5


Answer: (A)

29. Which of the following type of a value valatile?

A. Multable variable

B. Dynamic variable

C. Valatile


Answer: (A)

30. What kind of colour are Red. Yellow and blue.

A. Primary

B. Secondary

C. Ternary


Answer: (A)

31. Which tool is used to may selection in the round shap?

A. Pen tool

B. Circle tool

C. Recantly

D.Ellips tool

Answer: (D)

32. What is the shortcut key to zoom up?

A. Ctrl+/

B. Ctrl + 0

C. Ctrl + -


Answer: (C)

33. Which of these tool is called painting tool?

A. Pencil tool

B. Gradent tool

C. Buresh tool

D.All of these

Answer: (D)

34. Which of the following is not a menu in photoshop

A. Image

B. Tools

C. Select


Answer: (B)

35. Which colour mode is used for printing?


B. bmp

C. Cmyk


Answer: (C)

36. Which formate support transparency?


B. Png

C. Gif


Answer: (B)

37. Which of the following is the correct recording meta tag in html?

A. <meta = “ “ />

B. <meta>--------------</meta>

C. <meta data>-------</meta data>

D.<meta data name = “ “/>

Answer: (A)

38. Arrange the search engine by their year of dev

A. Bing

B. Google

C. Yahoo


i. 2413

ii. 2431

iii. 2134

iv. 2143

Answer: (B)

39. Search engin are able to search which type of information?

A. Documents

B. Audio

C. Video

D.All of above

Answer: (D)

40. The search result are generally present in a line of result is called.

A. Tag list

B. Search engine result page

C. Search engin page

D.Catagery list

Answer: (B)

41. Which processes is used by checkbox?

A. Select

B. Focus

C. Click


Answer: (C)

42. What is the world wide web?

A. Software the controls the internet.

B. Another name for the internet.

C. System for interconnected web Pages which are accessible over the internet.

D.All of the above

Answer: (C)

43. Which of the Following HTML attribute is used to define inline styles?

A. style

B. type

C. class


Answer: (A)

44. Function that allow calculation in CSS:

A. calc() function

B. Calculator()

C. Calculate()


Answer: (A)

45. Which of the following element does not belong to the w3 – container class?

A. <section>

B. <get>

C. <header>


Answer: (D)

46. Which of the following programming language are used for back and purpose.

A. C#

B. Ruby

C. Gloang

D.All of the above

Answer: (B)

47. The protocol HTTP works on which port?

A. 20

B. 80

C. 21


Answer: (B)

48. A type of combinator in CSS is.

A. >

B. +

C. ~

D.All of the above

Answer: (D)

49. The HTML <iframe> tag specifies.

A. An inline frame

B. Vertical frame

C. An outline frame

D.Horizontal frame

Answer: (A)

50. The root element is another name of which of the following tag?

A. <head>

B. <body>

C. <element>


Answer: (D)

51. What are the following indentation options available in the sublime text editor?

A. Indent

B. Unindent

C. Reindent

D.All of the above

Answer: (D)

52. Document object model represents:

A. Whole HTMl document

B. Only<title> element

C. <body> </body> element

D.None of the above

Answer: (A)

53. Which of the following directives are used in angular JS?


B. nc.init

C. Both(A) and(B)

D.None of above

Answer: (A)

54. Which of the following is not the property of the CSS box model?

A. margin

B. width

C. Color


Answer: (C)

55. Which of the following classes used to display an extre large list?

A. W3 – large

B. W3 – xxlarge

C. W3 – xlarge

D.None of above

Answer: (C)

56. Which of these represents the descriptioin list tags?

A. <tr>,<td>,<dI>

B. <dt>,<dl>,<d>

C. <dt>,<dl>,<dd1>


Answer: (D)

57. Which property of w3.CSS restrict a responsive image to a maximum size?

A. max:width property

B. image:restrict property

C. max:height property

D.image:width property

Answer: (C)

58. Which of the following are the methods of the MovieClip object?

A. Play()

B. Stop()

C. gotoAndplay()

D.All of the above

Answer: ()

59. Which of the following is not a style tag?

A. <b>

B. <tt>

C. <i>

D.All of above

Answer: (D)

60. Interpret this statement:


A. It makes Career strong

B. It highlights Career as being strong

C. It will print out Career in bold font

D.All of above

Answer: (C)

61. Table can be nested (table inside of another table)

A. true

B. False

Answer: (A)

62. Which is correct?

A. <b>Click Here<b>

B. <strong>Click Here<strong>

C. <b>Click Here</b>

D.</strong>Click Here<strong>

Answer: (C)

63. Which of the following is a two sided tag?





Answer: (D)

64. The browser applies the feature of a tag until it encounters____tag.

A. Quit

B. Closing

C. Exit


Answer: (B)

65. ____are the html codes that control the apearance of the document contents.

A. Tags

B. Code

C. Both(A)and(B)


Answer: (A)

66. What are the genral syntax for inline image?

A. src = img

B. src = image

C. img src = file

D.img = file

Answer: (C)

67. html tags are case sensitive.

A. True

B. False

Answer: (B)

68. Which of the following path is supported by HTML?

A. Ralative

B. Defererenced

C. Absolute


Answer: (D)

69. What is the tag for an inline frame?

A. Iframe

B. Inframe

C. Frame


Answer: (A)

70. What is the most widely use e-mail form script?



C. Perl CGI


Answer: (B)

71. The pages title is inside the ___ tag.

A. Body

B. Head

C. Division


Answer: (B)

72. Which is not a view for displaying a report object?

A. Datasheet view

B. Design view

C. Print view

D.Layout view

Answer: (A)

73. which setting you must modify to print a report using latterhead?

A. Group

B. Margin

C. Section

D.All of above

Answer: (A)

74. Which of the following is not an action query?

A. Add

B. Delete

C. Make-table

D.None of these

Answer: (A)

75. Which tool do you use to create a query object?

A. Database wizard

B. Simple filter wizard

C. Simple query wizard

D.All of the above

Answer: (C)

76. Which is the valid data type in access?

A. Number

B. Text

C. Currency

D.All of the above

Answer: (D)

77. How many relations may exist between two tables in databases?

A. 4

B. 3

C. 2


Answer: (B)

78. What is the full form of SQL?

A. Sophisticated Question List

B. Structured Question List

C. Structured Query Language

D.Small Query Length

Answer: (C)

79. What is the name of the location address of the hypertext documents?

A. Uniform Resource Locator

B. Web server

C. File

D.Web address

Answer: (A)

80. Web page editors works on a____principle.





Answer: (C)

81. Which one is the client-side JavaScript object?

A. Database

B. Client

C. FileUpload

D.All of the above

Answer: (C)

82. Scripting language are_______.

A. High level Programming language.

B. Assembly level Programming language.

C. Machine level Programming language.

D.Low level Programming language.

Answer: (A)

83. Java Script is interpreted by_____.

A. Client

B. Server

C. Object

D.None of the above

Answer: (A)

84. ____is know as father of world wide web.

A. Robert Cailliau

B. Tim Thompson

C. Charles Darwin

D.Tim Berners-Lee

Answer: (D)

85. An___ is a company that provides internet access to users or subscribers of its service.

A. ARPA net

B. Cyber net

C. Internet provider

D.Internet service provider

Answer: (D)

86. Which of the following protocol is used for WWW?





Answer: (C)

87. W3C is know as_____.

A. World wide web Consortium

B. World wide web Consul

C. World wide web Code

D.World wide web Command

Answer: (A)

88. ____is a device to provide a link from one network to another.

A. Hub

B. Switch

C. Modem


Answer: (D)

89. Within the internet, each separate computer is called a_____.


B. System

C. Terminal


Answer: (D)

90. What is the size of an IP address?

A. 64 bit

B. 128 bit

C. 16 bit

D.32 bit

Answer: (D)

91. Webpage starts with which of the following tag?

A. <Body>

B. <Html>

C. <Title>


Answer: (B)

92. DNS is a___ system.

A. Server

B. Client

C. Both(A)and(B)


Answer: (C)

93. Among the following which one is a ternary operator?

A. +

B. :

C. –


Answer: (D)

94. Javascript is______language.

A. Programming

B. Application

C. Script

D.All of the above

Answer: (C)

95. A table is divided into rows with the_____tag.

A. <table>

B. <tr>

C. <td>


Answer: (B)

96. The ___tag is most used to link to style shets.

A. <style>

B. <href>

C. <link>

D. <css>

Answer: (C)

97. Which of the followimg is correct syntax to select table paragraph element in div.element?

A. P

B. div#P

C. div~P


Answer: (D)

98. Which of the followimg is correct syntax to select the P siblings of a div element.

A. P

B. div+P

C. div P


Answer: (D)

99. <a> tag in html is used for certaing.

A. List

B. Link

C. Address


Answer: (B)

100. Crawler has a web Robot is called.

A. Caching

B. Crawling

C. Spider

D. None of Above

Answer: (A)

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