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What is Macro?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Macro Definition According MS Word

A macro is the recording of each command and action you perform to complete a task. Then, whenever you need to carry out that task repeatedly in a spreadsheet, you just run the macro.

The shortcut command of Macro is alt + F8. We use macro for special works. The option of Macro is situated in tools menu bar. With the help of it we record our work and we assign this work by short cut command. This shortcut command is unique; we assign it to any work then don't assign other work. There are different types of option in Macro dialog box.

1. Macro Name: By this we give the name of Macro.

2. Assign Macro: There are two steps for do this work.

1. Give the option any toolbar

2. We choose the document in which we set the Macro after it we click on OK button. Which shortcut command assign by us for any special work. In future by pressing this command it is do this work which has record by Macro.

Macro Definition According LibreOffice Writer

A macro is a saved sequence of commands that can be stored for later use and then recalled with a single command. The LibreOffice macro language is very flexible, allowing automation of both simple and complex tasks. Macros are very useful when we have to repeat the same task or job in the same way over and over again. Libreoffice macros are usually written in a language called LibreOffice Basic.

Steps for Recording Macro:

There are following steps for recording macro.

Step 1: First of all select any text or word.

Step2: Then go to tools menu…>Select Macros….>Record Macro.

But if record macro does not appear in the Tools Menu…> Macro then Alt+F12


Go to Tools-->Select Options—then options dialog box will appear on your screen. In this dialog box select advanced --> then check Enable Macro Recording--> Click on Apply & ok button.

Step3: Then Macro is currently recording after that performs some formatting work like change the font face, font size, font color, font style etc. Then click to stop recording.

Step4: Then following basic Macro dialog box will appear. In this dialog box, write Macro Name like formatting select my Macros--> Standard--> Click on save button.

Steps for using created Macro:

Select any text or word in which we to apply formatting by using Macro feature. Then Go to Tools Menu--> Select Macro--> Run Macro then following dialog box will appear on screen.

In this dialog box select My Macros-- >Standard-- >Module-- > Formatting & Click on Run button.

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