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What is Mail Merge?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a mass mailing facility using e-mail methods or otherwise that takes names, address and related facts about recipients and merges the information into the form of a letter. Mail Merge printing uses two files one is a data file that contains a listing of data items set in some specific order and second is a master file that contains the standard text as well as the data variables which are replaced with specific data items from the data file through the Merge operation.

In MS Word mail merge that feature which is use for grouping news? It means we send letter lots of client in same time. This is use for mail like form, letter, envelops, directory.

Creating a Document for Mail Merge:

For mail merge we need to do the following:

  1. Create a data source

  2. Create main document

  3. Insert fields into the main document

  4. Check for design and data entry errors

  5. Merge the data source document and the main document and finally, print merged document.

There are following steps for mail merge.

Step 1: To Start Mail Merge Wizard:

To click on the tools and find to letter mailing and click on mail merge

Step 2: Types of Documents

Next window that show that our document should which types:

1. Letter

2. Email Merge

3. Envelopes

4. Labels

5. Directory

After choose the types we click on next button. After it we select document in next window. There are following types:

  • Use the current document

  • Start from a template

  • Start from existing document

Step 3: To Make the Data Source

With help of it we choose a contact list for sending the letter. There are three types of process for it.

  • Use an existing list

  • Select from outlook contact

  • Type a new list

Use an existing list: It means you have an already list in your system then choose this list and send letter.

Select from Outlook Contact: Outlook also use to sending mail after connectivity from server. If you have an outlook contact list then select it and send the letter to all clients.

Type a new List: We make a new contact list by clicking on the create button. After clicking the create button we get some field and it create according your requirement after it we click on next button.

Step 4: Write Your Letter

In this part we can type a letter according to your requirement and set formatting of your letter. By clicking the more buttons we insert new field on the document according to requirement by insert button.

Step 5: Preview your Letter

The shortcut key of preview letter is (Ctrl + Alt + I). After complete the document press preview short key and to see the preview your document. Before sending the letter preview is necessary because we can see our document format during preview.

Step 6: Complete the Merges

By this step we can print separate-2 of all pages and we send mail separate-separate clients.

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